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WeGoLook for restaurants,
hotels and other retail chains

Efficiently manage risk and ensure alignment
across all your locations and entities.

Know it. Align it. Faster.

When you operate a chain of restaurants, hotels, or other retail business entities, you have a challenge of distance and scale. From enforcing brand standards to auditing specific technical details to managing risk, WeGoLook’s distributed network of over 45,000 Lookers can assist your organization in reporting on every location, all at once, in record time.

Enterprise clients… are wising up to the fact that on-demand workers can be dispatched at a moment's notice to perform a variety of professional tasks.

Over 45,000 Lookers available to assist

Third party verification across multiple locations and entities used to be an expensive proposition, but with WeGoLook, it’s simple, affordable and amazingly fast. That’s the power of the on-demand workforce.

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Turn your employees into inspectors

The YouGoLook self-service app allows restaurants, hotels, and other retail chains to turn their own employees and human resources into inspectors, walking them through the processes of capturing and submitting images necessary to document risk, verify compliance, and other essential tasks.

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Completely customizable

WeGoLook can customize end-to-end solutions to meet any business need. Leverage all of our capabilities through individualized workflows that allow you to expand and scale.

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Popular solutions for restaurants, hotels, and other retail chains.

From Standard Looks to self-service to fully custom solutions, WeGoLook offers many options for businesses with many locations.

Assess risk and prevent loss

When you’re operating a chain of restaurants, hotels, or retail stores, the more you know, the more you can can control your risk. But getting third party validation across many locations can be time-consuming and expensive. Not anymore. Through WeGoLook’s on-demand model, we can deliver specialized reports from all of your locations in as little as one day and at an affordable cost.

Risk Assessment -
Commercial Property Details
Risk Assessment - Compliance Details
Commercial Property Inspection Details

Ensure compliance with brand standards and other corporate requirements

Keep eyes on how your locations are complying with brand standards, marketing roll-outs, displays (permanent and promotional), and any other corporate requirement. Leverage WeGoLook’s on-demand workforce for 3rd party verification or turn your own employees into brand compliance inspectors with the YouGoLook assisted self-service app.

Brand Compliance Inspection Details

Facilitate in-house documentation when incidents occur

Empower employees in each of your locations to document essential information on the spot when incidents occur. With YouGoLook, our simple-to-use assisted self-service app, internal resources can easily gather and validate information and submit consistent, standardized reports.