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WeGoLook for Insurance

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Platform Partners


Guidewire, a software provider to over 300 Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers, partnered with WeGoLook as part of their PartnerConnect program, a network of select partner companies providing solutions to enhance, extend, and complement the capabilities of Guidewire products.

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To streamline the claims resolution process for adjusters, WeGoLook has integrated with Xactware — a leading tool for estimating and claims management. Connected carriers with existing datasets can export assignments directly to WeGoLook for property damage inspections.

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Our partnership with the CCC ONE platform helps their policyholders file self-service claims remotely. CCC’s customers can now electronically connect to our on-demand field force of more than 40,000 well-trained Lookers who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Know what’s true

Any asset. Any claim. Anytime. Anywhere.

In the insurance business, you need eyes everywhere. You need to know the truth about damage reported in claims and risks inherent in assets you’re underwriting. You need to retrieve documents, deliver documents, notarize documents, inspect scenes, locate salvaged items… and you need to do it all in multiple locations, simultaneously, urgently, and at a reasonable cost.

In short, you need the impossible.

Lucky for you, WeGoLook’s on-demand model turns the impossible into the expected every day for insurers around the world. Sign up today and, starting tomorrow, you’ll have a workforce over 45,000 Lookers ready to help you accomplish all of the above and more.

Insurance Industry Insight
Leveraging on-demand models for disaster response

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Your on-demand workforce

When you have insureds in many locations, responding to their needs quickly is virtually impossible. Fortunately, WeGoLook’s distributed, on-demand network of professional Lookers can turn the impossible into the expected for your business.

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Turn policyholders into inspectors

The YouGoLook self-service app allows policyholders to submit their own reports, walking them through the process of capturing and submitting images necessary for you to size up damage or even estimate the cost of repairs.

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Powerful customization

Integrate with leading claims platforms such as CCC, Audatex, Xactware, and Symbility. Develop custom integrations via the WeGoLook API. WeGoLook can also develop custom workflows and other solutions to deliver the results you need

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Popular solutions for Insurance

From Standard Looks to self-service to fully custom solutions, WeGoLook offers an infinitely-expandable array of solutions for the insurance industry. Here are a few of the most popular ways insurance companies engage with WeGoLook.

Assess risk for underwriting

When you’re underwriting an asset, the more you know, the more you can can control your risk. Our risk assessment Looks get you the images and information you need to make informed decisions. Through our on-demand model, we can deliver reports in as little as one day and at an affordable cost, making you a hero to your customers.

DetailsRisk Assessment - Vehicle, Heavy Equipment, or Cargo
DetailsRisk Assessment - Residential Property
DetailsRisk Assessment - Commercial Property
DetailsRisk Assessment - Compliance

Process claims faster

When claims happen, you and your customers are looking for the absolute fastest paths to resolution. WeGoLook can get eyes on damage and scenes in record time, giving you the information you need to move things forward. In some cases, we can even provide estimates of the costs to repair. Plus, we have services for retrieval and delivery of documents, salvage items, and other tasks you may need to close out claims.

DetailsDamage Assessment - Vehicle, Heavy Equipment, or Cargo
DetailsDamage Assessment - Residential Property
DetailsDamage Assessment - Commercial Property
DetailsDamage Assessment - Equipment
DetailsScene Inspection
DetailsDocument Retrieval and Shipping
DetailsPickup and Delivery

Facilitate total losses

Lookers can complete the onsite tasks required to close out total losses, including signing and notarization of required documents and delivery of checks or drafts.

DetailsTotal Loss Facilitation

Keep your workers off roofs with Drone Looks

Drone Looks leverage one of the many licensed drone pilots in our Looker network to complete aerial flyovers of residential and commercial properties. Drone Looks not only provide better views with ultra-high-resolution imagery, but also keep your workers safe on the ground, avoiding potential injuries and liabilities.


Catastrophe support

With an embedded, local workforce in nearly every area, WeGoLook is able to provide immediate support to insurers during CAT response situations.


Additional services for auto and finance

WeGoLook also offers comprehensive solutions for auto companies and financial companies that may be of interest to insurers. For details on these products, please visit our Auto & Fleet and Financial Services pages.

"Combining the resources of one of the world's largest TPA firms with one of the world's largest sharing economy platforms will result in true innovation within the insurance industry..."