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WeGoLook for Consumers

Gain confidence when purchasing online.

See it before you buy it

When you’re making substantial purchases from other individuals online, you take on significant risk. How can you really know that the car you see on Ebay, or Craigslist, or any website, really looks like its pictures? How can you be sure the seller has the required paperwork, the keys, and any other required assets?

What about vacation rentals? How can you be sure a property is actually as nice as it looks online — before you commit?

The answer is WeGoLook.

We were literally created to solve these exact needs. With WeGoLook, anyone can order an in-person, third-party inspection by one of our trusted Lookers anytime and anywhere. We will go look for you, capture all the images, video, and information you need, and send back a beautiful report… in a matter of days.

To the extent that you are unwilling or unable to go kick the tires and physically examine what's being offered for sale, you are at risk of unscrupulous sellers and dishonest business practices.

Can't Look At An Online Purchase Before You Buy? WeGoLook Can.

Popular Solutions for Consumers

Verify the conditions of expensive items before purchasing online

When you’re considering an online purchase, especially from an individual you do not know, WeGoLook can provide confidence by visiting the seller in person and capturing images and information about the item to send back to you. It’s a minimal investment for substantial peace of mind, and all complete within a matter of days.

Perfect for: Ebay, Craigslist, Classifieds, any other website

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Verify the condition and location of properties for rent or for purchase

How do you know a house or property is as represented online? What do you know about the surrounding area? Consider sending a Looker to check it out and get a complete report before you put down that deposit or start a lengthy purchase process.

Perfect for: VRBO, AirBnB, Zillow,, any other website

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Check on the conditions of your own properties

If you own properties in multiple locations, WeGoLook can help you gather information when you aren’t able to travel yourself. Verify the condition of your vacation home after a storm, or after your property has housed guests. You can even use our services to check on any location of importance, such as the condition of a loved one’s gravesite.

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Commercial Property Inspection Details
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Document services, mobile notarization, delivery, and more

WeGoLook can facilitate document signing, even notarization, in any location. Digital copies are delivered immediately while originals can be shipped back rapidly. In addition, our flexible pickup and delivery services can be used for any items when courier services are required.

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