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WeGoLook for Financial Services

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In the financial services business, things move pretty fast. Your customers expect rapid turnaround no matter how complex the situation. You need the ability to validate, to verify, and to chase down documents anytime, anywhere.

With WeGoLook, you’ve got eyes, hands, and feet everywhere. Need to verify collateral in one location while gathering documents in another? No problem. What if you had to do that 40 times a day? Easy. Concerns about field logistics are a thing of the past. With WeGoLook, you can consider it done.


The Power of Alternative Staffing Strategies for Business

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Your on-demand workforce.

Closing loans and verifying assets in multiple locations is a challenge, especially at scale. WeGoLook’s distributed, on-demand network of professionals turns the impossible into the expected for financial services businesses.

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Verify condition instantly

The YouGoLook self-service app allows financial services businesses to turn customers into inspectors, walking them through the process of capturing and submitting images necessary to verify the condition of assets and collateral.

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Custom solutions for financial services

In addition to our Standard Looks, WeGoLook can customize end-to-end solutions for larger financial entities. Leverage all our capabilities through customized workflows that allow you to expand and scale.

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Popular solutions for financial services

From Standard Looks to self-service to fully custom solutions, WeGoLook offers many options for financial services companies including off-the-shelf solutions that can be purchased online. Here are a few of the most popular ways financial services companies engage with WeGoLook.

Rapidly verify assets, collateral, and borrowers everywhere

Our on-demand workforce can validate and verify the condition of assets anywhere in record time. Lenders can evaluate assets for underwriting, verify the existence and condition of collateral, and even validate the legitimacy of borrower’s themselves. Investors can get insight into the condition of properties and surrounding markets before purchasing.

Perfect for: mortgage banking, auto financing, real estate investing.

Auto Inspection Details
Motorcycle Inspection Details
RV Inspection Details
Watercraft Inspection Details
Commercial Property Inspection Details
Residential Property Inspection Details
Vacant Land Inspection Details
Borrower Verification Details

Collect and notarize loan documents anytime, anywhere

Close loans faster by sending our workforce to gather loan documents from your borrowers wherever they are. Our Lookers will arrange to meet your clients, gather the necessary documents, photograph them, and ship them. We can even send a licensed notary if needed.

Perfect for: mortgage banking, auto financing

Borrower Verification Details
Document Retrieval and Shipping Details
Pickup and Delivery Details

Ensure compliance and complete due diligence

Audit your portfolio of properties, confirm occupancy, and even deliver door hanger notifications for delinquency and other needs.

Perfect for: mortgage banking, real estate investing

Commercial Property Inspection Details
Residential Property Inspection Details
Door Hanger Distribution Details

Validate progress for construction draws

Send a Looker to capture and report on progress at a construction site before authorizing your next construction draw.

Site Progress Inspection Details

"Protecting consumers started out as Smith’s goal, but WeGoLook is now trusted by Fortune 500 companies like Tesla and GE Capital."