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WeGoLook for Construction

Specialized Looks for heavy equipment
and machinery — lower your risk and save time.

Know your operations

Get eyes on equipment, sites, progress — anything.

When you’re running a construction operation, you need to know the status of your jobs and of your equipment. Plus, you need eyes on potential sites for new opportunities. But what if your work is spread out across many states? What if a new opportunity arises hundreds of miles away?

With WeGoLook, you can see everything — all your vehicles... all your jobs… at any time… in any location… with a click. Need to audit the condition of your fleet across 20 locations nationwide? No problem. Need a third party to verify the conditions of transports at their origins and again at their destinations. Consider it done.


eBay Motors and WeGoLook Partner to Provide Onsite Inspections for Vehicles

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Your on-demand workforce

When you’re managing construction operations in many locations, you need eyes everywhere. WeGoLook’s distributed, on-demand network of professional Lookers turns the impossible into the expected for construction businesses around the world.

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Turn your workers into inspectors

With the YouGoLook self-service app, construction companies can empower workers to gather data about their own vehicles and jobs, walking them through the process of capturing and submitting the images and information needed.

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End-to-end solutions

For larger construction operations, WeGoLook can customize end-to-end solutions to meet any need. Leverage all of our capabilities through customized workflows that allow you to expand and scale.

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Popular Solutions for Construction Companies

From Standard Looks to self-service to fully custom solutions, WeGoLook offers an infinitely-expandable array of solutions for the construction industry, including off-the-shelf products that can be purchased online. Here are a few of the most popular ways construction companies engage with WeGoLook.

Verify fleet condition

Audit the condition of your fleet annually or at any time interval. Deploy our network of Lookers to complete the audit for you or leverage your own team via the YouGoLook self-service app.

Heavy Equipment Inspection Details
Tractor Truck Inspection Details

Assess damage to heavy equipment

When damage occurs, get eyes on it fast. We focus on the areas of damage so you can document all of the essential images and information.

DetailsDamage Assessment - Vehicle, Heavy Equipment, or Cargo

Verify site progress

Keep tabs on progress for all your jobs no matter how many or how far away they are located.

Site Progress Inspection Details

Get an early Look at prospective sites

When you’re planning new jobs in distant locations, our network of Lookers can get eyes on potential sites for you. Reports are delivered in as little as one day.

Vacant Land Inspection Details

"WeGoLook… has also evolved into an enterprise-level inspection service for businesses ranging from real estate firms and insurance companies to banks."

Inc. Magazine