Built on innovation

Changing the way the world works means creating things that didn't exist before. WeGoLook's technology powers the on-demand revolution.


We’re a technology company and a people company. Delivering our unique set of products and services requires us to be exceptional at both. Just as our on-demand workforce continues to set new standards for the enterprise, our technology enables us to innovate and disrupt. Take a look at some of our work below.

The WeGoLook mobile app

The WeGoLook app enables our on-demand model by connecting orders from our customers with the Lookers best-suited to perform their jobs. The app also facilitates the process through which our Lookers are able to rapidly capture and report information to our central team. Used by over 45,000 Lookers, the WeGoLook mobile app is truly the secret behind our industry-leading operations.

If you’re interested in joining our elite network of Lookers, visit the Become a Looker page today!

The YouGoLook self-service app

Our Self-Service Looks allow businesses and organizations to turn customers, employees and other human resources into inspectors to improve efficiencies and lower costs. The YouGoLook mobile app facilitates this process via an extremely intuitive interface which guides novice users through their required activities. Built for infinite flexibility, the YouGoLook app allows WeGoLook customers to create fully-customized workflows to deploy across any group or team.

The Onsite Contact web app

Our top priorities are improving customers’ efficiencies and empowering them to provide amazing experiences to their own customers. The Onsite Contact web app meets both of these objectives by providing every Onsite Contact access to information about their Looks and an opportunity to confirm or change the details of their Looks right from their smartphones.

Ongoing innovation

Our quest for innovation never stops. Our technology team is continually working to expand our offerings and better meet our customers’ needs. Here are just a few of the continuing innovations we’re deploying.