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Total Loss Facilitation

Help expedite your insurance business’s claims processes with total loss facilitation. Lookers can complete the on-site tasks required to close out total losses, including signing and notarization of required documents and delivery of checks or drafts.

Total Loss Facilitation
Possible uses

Insurance total loss Insurance companies can expedite the process of closing out total losses by deploying Lookers to complete all the needed onsite tasks.

What's included?

Delivery of final documents to insured party for signature and (optional) delivery of final insurance settlement check. Return of original title, keys, POA, etc. back to the insurer.

Specific images and data points collected:

  • Title
  • Lien Release
  • Keys
  • POA
  • Settlement Letter
  • Authorization of Payoff
Available add-ons

Delivery of check / draft

Notary services

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