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Site Progress Inspection

If you’re a construction company, an investor, a bank, an insurance company, or other stakeholder in a construction site, you can benefit from getting eyes on the progress of your construction projects. Check out the site using one of our Lookers.

Site Progress Inspection
Possible uses

Construction draws Validate progress at construction sites before authorizing your construction draws.

Property management Gain insight into your developing investments or into a potential investment.

Owner or project manager oversight Keep tabs on progress for all your jobs no matter how many or how far away they are located.

What's included?

Visual inspection of a construction site or other site.

Specific images and data points collected:

  • Photos of left, right, front, and rear of the property
  • Street views
  • Address verification
  • Parking area
  • Signage
  • Construction areas
  • Structures onsite used for construction offices
  • Construction equipment
  • Materials onsite
Available add-ons

Video capture

Drone footage

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