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Scene Inspection

Use Scene Inspections to help determine what happened in a traffic incident or crime so that you can know what’s true for your policyholder, your client, or yourself. Scene inspections capture imagery, data and optional diagrams to help you move forward with confidence.

Scene Inspection
Possible uses

Claims and clients Better assess environmental factors that affect claims for your policyholders or clients.

Plan for improvements Assess the conditions at a particular scene so you can plan for needed improvements or repairs.

What's included?

Visual inspection and recording of data at an intersection, railroad crossing, parking garage, or other scene.

Specific images and data points collected:

  • Views from each cardinal direction
  • Nearby construction noted
  • Obstructive signage, landscaping, etc.
  • Traffic light signal patterns (if applicable)
  • Visible road repairs
Available add-ons

Scene diagram

Drone footage

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