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Risk Assessment - Commercial Property

Evaluate risk factors in commercial properties to make accurate underwriting decisions and prevent future losses. Perfect for insurers and for any businesses needing to minimize risk across multiple locations.

Risk Assessment - Commercial Property
Possible uses

Insurance underwriting Gather data and imagery for accurate assessment of risk when evaluating commercial property you plan to insure.

Loss prevention Evaluate and address areas of risk across all your locations or properties to prevent future losses.

What's included?

Visual inspection of commercial properties with a focus on identifying factors that influence risk. Specific areas of focus can be customized for each customer.

Specific images and data points collected:

  • Electrical systems and furnaces
  • Fire safety systems
  • Evacuation and emergency preparedness
  • Mechanical equipment / cold storage
  • General hazards
  • Posted warning signs
  • Custom information per client request
Available add-ons

Video capture

Drone footage

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