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Pickup and Delivery

Retrieve, move, and ship items in any location with our Pickup and Delivery services. Notary services can be added for document handling needs. This flexible Standard Look can be leveraged by businesses or individuals for a variety of needs, including integration into custom workflows.

Pickup and Delivery
Possible uses

Product recalls Retrieve items from large numbers of customers in many locations and ship back to headquarters. Verify items and ensure any special handling requirements are met.

Salvage item or evidence retrieval Retrieve salvage items, court documents, or other items of importance to facilitate claims and other business processes.

General courier services Ensure items are handled correctly in other locations.

Integrate with custom solutions Through custom solutions, large enterprises can deploy sophisticated workflows involving many different types of Looks working together. Pickup and delivery helps facilitate many custom needs. For more information, see our custom solutions page.

What's included?

General courier services with detailed reporting and tracking of items handled.

Specific images and data points collected:

  • Descriptions and photos of items
  • Tracking information
  • Any required documentation with photos
Available add-ons

Notary services

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