Standard Looks

Go ahead. Take a Look.

Leverage our network of over 45,000 Lookers to rapidly capture photos, record videos, and perform custom tasks anytime, anywhere.

See it


We’re known for this, and for good reason. Our signature inspections offer on-the-ground intelligence anytime, anywhere. If you need a look at something that’s too far to see, we’ll put eyes on it for you. Your Looker will be onsite in a snap to observe, capture images, record video, and validate the information you need.

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Residential Property Inspection Details
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Assess it


Need a Look that focuses specifically on damage or factors that affect risk? Our Lookers can provide in-person assessments to size up the situation. In some cases, we can even provide official estimates to repair.

Damage Assessment - Vehicle, Heavy Equipment, or Cargo Details
Damage Assessment - Residential Property Details
Damage Assessment - Commercial Property Details
Damage Assessment - Equipment Details
Risk Assessment - Vehicle, Heavy Equipment, or Cargo Details
Risk Assessment - Residential Property Details
Risk Assessment - Commercial Property Details
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Document it

Document services

When documentation is critical to your business and your stakeholders are not close by, WeGoLook comes through. We specialize in retrieving, delivering, and shipping documents anytime, anywhere.

Document Retrieval and Shipping Details
I-9 Verification Details
Borrower Verification Details
Total Loss Facilitation Details

Deliver it

Pickup and delivery

Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands… in another location… on call at any time. With pickup and delivery, WeGoLook sends one of our Lookers to gather and/or deliver items or information on your behalf.

Pickup and Delivery Details
Door Hanger Distribution Details

Custom tasks and services

With WeGoLook, the sky is truly the limit. Our platform is infinitely flexible and can accommodate virtually any field service or custom task. If you need a Looker but don’t see your solution listed here, check out our Custom Solutions page and contact our team to get started.

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The complete solution

Every Standard Look includes a hands-on, end-to-end experience designed to ensure quality, accuracy, and speed.

Ahead of time. Everytime.

WeGoLook can deliver this entire process anywhere, anytime, in record time. With delivery options as fast as 24 hours, you’ll always be able to get the Look you need when you want it.

1 Day
Actual Delivery
2 Day
Actual Delivery
3 Day
Actual Delivery

Watch the Video

Watch the recorded webinar of our COO Kenneth Knoll sharing a live demo of a Look from start to finish.