Self-Service Looks

Turn everyone into inspectors

The YouGoLook self-service app makes it easy for your customers, employees, and anyone else to submit their own Looks.


Deploy your own resources

You have customers. You have employees. These groups and others could gather and validate information for you, if only they had the right tool.

With the YouGoLook self-service app, you can leverage the eyes and ears of these groups when deploying a Looker isn’t needed. Homeowners can submit their own claim photos. Employees can audit their own fleets. With our app at your side, the possibilities are truly limitless.

A seamless, intuitive process

More than just an app, our Self-Service Looks offer end-to-end processes designed to ensure speed, quality and accuracy.

Self-service with an assist

Self-service offers big advantages, but also many challenges. How can you ensure that others will complete their tasks accurately and on-time?

The answer is "assisted" self-service. With our on-demand workforce of over 45,000 Lookers and well-established central operations team, we stay engaged every step of the way. You can even enable your customers to call for a "Looker-assist," ensuring success and creating unmatched customer experiences.

Infinite possibilities

If you can dream it, we can build it. Our self-service app architecture is flexible and can be adapted to most any need. Below are a few of the most common self-service use cases.

Auto and property claims

Empower your policyholders to capture images and information to validate their own damage claims. Reports can be routed through WeGoLook’s central quality assurance team.

Perfect for: insurers, warranty companies

Risk assessment

Allow applicants to capture and submit images and information needed to evaluate the risk of certain assets or to validate the assets used as collateral.

Perfect for: insurers, lenders

Trade-in valuation

Empower customers to capture images and information needed to determine the trade-in value of an asset such as an automobile.

Perfect for: auto dealerships, auto remarketers

Lot and fleet audits

Deploy one or more employees to capture details and images to validate vehicles in a fleet or to evaluate the inventory of a lot.

Perfect for: companies with fleets, auto dealerships

Corporate compliance

Leverage your own distributed employee workforce to validate corporate or brand compliance across a network of locations. Employees capture images and information and submit back reports.

Perfect for: franchises and other organizations with multiple locations

In-house documentation

Empower groups of employees to document information and imagery. For example, hotel chains might empower individuals at each location to capture imagery when incidents occur.

Perfect for: insurers, franchises and other organizations with multiple locations