Ordering and Reporting

See everything in real time

Integrate seamlessly with your existing processes to gather information and imagery at scale.


All your orders. All in one place.

WeGoLook’s client dashboard is available to all business customers and provides a single place to manage your orders at scale. Schedule Looks, get real-time status updates, and access final reports all in real time from any device, anywhere in the world.

Beautifully delivered

For every Look you order, we deliver a simple, beautiful report containing the images, videos, and information you need. Reports are delivered online and accessible through your client dashboard. Links are also sent via email.

You can view sample reports for our most common Looks on our Standard Looks pages.

Custom integration via API

With the WeGoLook API, you can develop customized ordering and reporting experiences that integrate directly with your existing business systems. Improve efficiencies, reduce errors, and access deeper pricing discounts with API integrations.

Direct integration

Integrate ordering, status updates, reporting, and more into your existing platforms (ERP, CRM, HCM, etc.). Maintain a single source of truth and eliminate manual data re-entry to save time and reduce errors.

Consume reports via structured data

Pull data and imagery from your Looks directly into your systems to leverage as needed throughout your business processes. WeGoLook’s API makes every report available as a JSON object for maximum data flexibility.

Increased volume discounts

WeGoLook offers special volume pricing for those placing orders via API. For more information, please contact our sales team.

Advanced analytics and visualization

With WeGoLook’s advanced analytics, you’ll get access to a customized portal offering comprehensive metrics and deep analysis on your Looks. Pull raw data or use built-in tools to beautifully visualize information on Look locations, Look completion times, data capture, and more.