Drone Looks

Better Looks. No ladders.

Turnkey drone operations anytime, anywhere. Assessments and inspections have never been faster, safer, or more accurate.


More precise.
More comprehensive.

Drone Looks not only offer bird’s eye views, but the ultra-high-resolution imagery captured by our drone pilots also makes possible many types of advanced detection and measurement that would otherwise be unavailable. For example, imagery captured through Drone Looks can be used to acquire:

End-to-end operations. Zero hassle.

Drone logistics are complex and resource-intensive, especially at scale. WeGoLook can handle the details and add comprehensive drone operations to your enterprise.

Our eyes in the sky.
Your people on the ground.

Inspecting roofs and other elevated features carries a lot of risk for those who climb ladders and the companies that employ them. With Drone Looks, we capture more comprehensive imagery and information while everyone stays at ground level.

Safer and better can still be cheaper

The real cost of a traditional roof assessment

** Effective Claim Liability Data from a nationwide roof inspection provider demonstrates that roof-related estimates and inspections over 38 months resulted in over $726,000 ($19,105/month) in liability claims from injured inspectors. An average of 138 inspections were performed per month, creating a $138 liability premium per inspection.

Need an interior inspection? No problem.

A typical drone inspection only captures images and video from the air, but a Drone Look from WeGoLook is much more versatile. Our Lookers can capture drone footage in addition to performing property inspections on the ground, all in a single visit. So get the whole picture — interior, exterior, in the air — with one order, at any time, from anywhere.