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Sherry Mathis

The investigator — a passion for people and the truth

Sherry Mathis
Looker and life-long investigator, both by trade and natural calling.

Sherry Mathis is a life-long investigator, both by trade and natural calling. The daughter of an immigrant from a small town in Mexico City, she has lived her entire life in Southern California and currently resides only a short distance from the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains near Los Angeles.

Sherry began her investigative career with a degree in Criminal Justice and later became an Inglewood, CA, police officer. She then became involved with retail investigations for a couple of large retailers. During her twelve years as an investigator of employee theft, she learned how to communicate with people and to capture pertinent information needed to process claims or conduct investigations.

The world is changing and people want more fulfillment out of their jobs.

One of the most impressive things about Sherry is her passion for people. She loves to make people happy with the work she does and the life she lives. With two sisters and a passel of nieces and nephews, Sherry craves the flexibility to spend time with her family while still providing for her needs.

In her pursuit of that perfect mix of work and life, Sherry began searching job boards for ways she could work from home. This is how she first learned about WeGoLook back in 2013. She signed up and has been Looking ever since completing about 15 to 25 Looks per month, on average, while also working as a full-time caretaker. This arrangement has given her the opportunity to spend time with her family and friends on her own schedule.

According to Sherry, Looking enables her to stay connected to her investigative roots. Plus, she enjoys the particularly interesting Looks that come along from time to time. One of her favorites was when she had an opportunity to take photos of a pristine 2015 Maserati!

Sherry believes that staying comfortable with change and technology is the key to future success for herself and others. She enjoys adjusting her skillset and her mindset as things evolve around her. But, most importantly to Sherry, it is the people who matter most. Spending time with people is what keeps her motivated to continue her work no matter what changes take place over time.

Eating good food and being around good people. You can’t ask for much more than that. And, when you see the devastation in the world, you just have to count your blessings.

Her caring nature makes Sherry great with puppies.

One of Sherry's favorite Looks was when she had an opportunity to take photos of a pristine 2015 Maserati!

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