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John Beam

Outside the box — a story of innovation, leadership, and hope

John Beam

Originally from Spokane, Washington, John Beam is passionate about many things, but of those, the most important is his family. Currently residing in Greenville, South Carolina, John is an innovative thinker and often takes an outside the box approach to problem-solving. This kind of thinking is what makes him such a great Looker!

Becoming a Looker has helped me realize there is a fun way to make money during my lunch break.

John has spent most of his career in the safety industry but is best known for producing his own biodiesel from vegetable oil. He began this hobby years ago when fuel prices were rising to three and four dollars a gallon. John was driving upwards of 150 miles per day! Not only was he able to save a bundle by avoiding the high costs at the pump, but John says he had a lot of fun producing the fuel and hopes to begin again someday soon.

John and his wife are the proud parents of two grown sons, one of which was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. But, John’s optimistic nature and belief in technology enable him to focus not on the struggle, but instead on the fact that his son has done well with treatment. His son is now one of the first to try a new cutting edge medical device that is helping people with diabetes to lead long and healthy lives.

Although John first discovered WeGoLook through an article he read in a magazine, he gave it a try and quickly realized that being a Looker was a good fit for him. Today, John is not only a member of our elite Pro Team, but he is also a licensed drone pilot. However, his drone does not run on biodiesel!

You never know what the next Look is going to bring.

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