Looker Story

Jerome Williams

The power of positivity — a story of hoping, helping, and a little about basketball

Jerome Williams
Firm believer in the power of hope and healing through action and positivity.

Born in Orange County, California, Jerome Williams is a husband, father, oil industry salesman, basketball coach, and WeGoLook Looker. He has a passion for teaching young boys and girls about what it takes to be great players and leaders in the world. He does this by maintaining a positive attitude in all things.

Jerome, his wife, and his two children call Houston, TX their home. They have made a life for themselves that focuses on each one's ability to achieve to their highest potential. Jerome’s love for his children and a desire to give back keep him motivated as a volunteer basketball coach for his children and their friends. He also plays in a recreational basketball league in the Houston area.

It is very rewarding to be a part of the recovery process.

Especially in times of trouble, like during the recent hurricanes that hit Houston and the surrounding areas, he believes in the power of hope and healing through action and positivity. In fact, in the days that followed Hurricane Harvey, Jerome took time off work to help out in multiple shelters.

Although Jerome has only been a Looker for a short time, he has already taken advantage of the opportunities to complete jobs and help people get their claims settled so they can move forward with their lives as quickly as possible. He feels that, as a Looker, he is the voice and the face for a company doing their part to help speed up claims processes for businesses and individuals.

As a Looker, Jerome loves to see the expressions on the faces of onsite contacts when he arrives to let them know that they are not just a number to WeGoLook. He enjoys having an opportunity to be in person, with a smile on his face, moving their claims processes forward. According to Jerome, “that’s all the motivation I need.” Perhaps that caring nature is why his friends and family always know they can rely on him to stay energetic and lend a helping hand should they ever have a need.

I am glad to be a part of WeGoLook. As a Looker, I believe that it is a world-class organization. Everything is professional. Everything is detail-oriented. It is a great opportunity not only to supplement your income but also to be a positive voice.

Jerome's dedication to basketball has earned him some amazing trophies!

Even after a long day at work, Jerome dedicates his time and energy to inspire and motivate young people.

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