Looker Story

Candy Allman

Sharing the love — a story of happiness, caring about others, and sharing new opportunities

Candy Allman

A minister’s wife and mother of two adopted children, Candy Allman believes in the power of positivity and seeks happiness in all things. Currently residing in Riverview, Florida, she knows what it takes to make each day count. Although Candy spends most of her time working at the church with her husband, spending time with her family, or catching up on a good book, she also makes time for Looking with WeGoLook.

It’s a great way to earn extra cash for vacation or whatever else you need the extra cash for.

Candy first found out about WeGoLook through Woman’s World magazine. She was standing in line at her local grocery store when she happened to pick up the magazine and began sifting through its pages. Very uncharacteristic of Candy, she purchased the magazine and learned all about WeGoLook. Although she had her doubts, she decided to give it a try and registered to begin the process of becoming a Looker. Once she completed the onboarding process, she was officially a Looker and has been going strong ever since.

The extra income Candy earns as a Looker allows her family to enjoy nice vacations they may otherwise not get to experience. In fact, Candy’s daughter is also a Looker and loves completing Looks in her spare time. Her sister and many of her coworkers and friends have become Lookers as well. Even her next door neighbor is a Looker, which means Candy has a little competition for Looks in her area. Although she enjoys sharing the opportunity with people, she makes sure each one she refers in her area knows they’ll have to work extra hard because she’s extra fast!

You never know who you’re going to meet when you go out on a Look. One time, I was offered fresh venison by a gentleman just because he was a nice guy and wanted to thank me for my time.

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