Calling all drone pilots

Earn extra cash with your skills


WeGoLook already offers gigs for workers with many different skills. Now we are building up our drone pilot workforce and we need you! Whether you’re a professional pilot or a drone hobbyist, you can earn extra income by accepting and completing tasks (called “Looks”) through our easy-to-use mobile application. Drone Looks include roof inspections, land surveys, and much more!

To become a WeGoLook drone pilot, you only need four things:

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Already a Looker and a drone pilot?

You can add “Licensed Drone Pilot” to your list of skills in the WeGoLook app to begin receiving and accepting Drone Looks.

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No more sitting on the sidelines

Choose your Look. Fly your drone. Capture images and video. Upload your work. Get paid! Plus, as a WeGoLook Looker, you’ll also be able to accept and complete standard Looks to earn even more.