Every WeGoLook® Report and the information contained therein is based soley upon the lay observations and opinions of the individual or individuals who process your order and complete the report. None of these individuals are experts in any field, nor are they professional photographers. Your personal observations and opinions might differ from those contained in your WeGoLook® Report. The photographs contained in your report may differ from photographs that would be taken by a professional photographer.

We do not check ownership or title to any item or property. Your report should not be considered a recommendation that you should or should not bid on or purchase an item or property, nor should it be the sole basis upon which you might make any important decision. Unless we specifically agree in writing otherwise at the time you place your order, we do not perform appraisals or issue value opinions of any kind, and any such information contained in your WeGoLook® report should be not be relied upon for any purpose. We do not determine whether an item is authentic or fake.

Your Looker® may ask the seller to demonstrate that the item is in basic working order (if applicable). Your Looker®, however, is not an expert, and will not perform any tests. Only the most basic functions which the seller chooses to demonstrate will be observed. For example, a high-end stereo receiver may have literally dozens of features and functions. We will not ask the seller to demonstrate each one. We will ask the seller to power-up the receiver and, for example, play a CD or tune in a radio station.

Every WeGoLook® report is subject to our Terms and Conditions which impose significant limitations on your remedies against WeGoLook® in the event of a dispute relating to your order. Please read them carefully.

Last updated: October 27, 2014