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Partnering with Crawford® to Revolutionize the Insurance Industry 

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Crawford & Company®, one of the world's largest providers of claims-management solutions to the risk management and insurance industry, is revolutionizing its approach to claims management by tapping into WeGoLook®’s on-demand field agents. To do so, Crawford acquired a majority stake in WeGoLook in January 2017. The acquisition is the first of its kind for the insurance industry.

Real-time Claims Management

Real-time Claims Management

Together, Crawford and WeGoLook will expedite claims management by leveraging on-demand inspectors (Lookers®) in the field. WeGoLook offers more than 30,000 Lookers across the U.S. and Canada. That means claims will get handled faster than ever. Data will be captured fast and securely. And policyholders can focus on what matters most: getting their lives back on track.

The Power of an On-demand Field Force

Process claims—fast. Commercial property damage. Auto accidents. Natural disasters. WeGoLook and Crawford will deliver the agility and mobility necessary to tackle these urgent claims in near real-time. Local, onsite Lookers can manage low-complexity inspection in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

When claims get processed quickly, everyone wins.

Extreme value. Crawford will leverage WeGoLook’s mobile platform and on-demand workforce, to deliver exceptional service at a reduced cost. A workforce that can scale instantly will allow Crawford to enhance client experience through innovative technology solutions.

This is the insurance experience of the future.

Streamlined data capture. Inspections are performed with precision, tailored in any way the client deems necessary. Plus, every bit of data is funneled through WeGoLook’s mobile platform, streamlining the process across the board.

Crawford will offer the most cohesive, modern workflow in the insurance industry

Leading Global Change

Leading Global Change

Crawford and WeGoLook are leading the insurance industry by embracing the gig economy and creating a massive, mobile workforce. Crawford’s global presence, combined with WeGoLook’s mobile platform, sets the foundation for a game-changing global expansion.

Lookers can be located anywhere, from the rural farms of Minnesota and the suburbs of Phoenix, to the streets of London and the hills of Melbourne. Inspections will be completed on-demand. The result: superior service, a strong bottom line and a powerhouse workflow.  

A faster flow of information equals faster flow of funds, resulting in more satisfied policyholders.

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