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Your Business Needs APIs: Here’s Why

A platform that’s too cumbersome and difficult to interact with is no good for anyone. We all know that.

And that’s exactly why businesses like yours need tools that facilitate this interaction and allow us to take advantage of all the functions that a system has to offer, without too much effort.

That’s exactly what APIs are supposed to do. Short for Application Programming Interfaces, APIs are essential for businesses nowadays.

To give you a better idea of how APIs work, I’ll start with an example.

In fact, it would probably be a good idea to talk about how WeGoLook uses APIs.

APIs: For instance…

I’m not trying to be poetic or anything like that, but APIs give our platform a voice.

They enable it to react to the demands of the clients promptly and efficiently.

Let’s say that your business submits data into our mobile app, okay? APIs are the ones that populate your data within our forms, all that while generating a report for expedient retrieval, which allows users to receive on-demand updates.

This may not sound like much – as it’s all very technical – but it’s all about process optimization.

In the long run, APIs will help you save plenty of time and money, not to mention that your stress levels will most likely plummet too.

It’s a win-win situation, with machines handling processes that normally would require full-time staff.

APIs Explained

APIs are not a new invention. They’re not limited to business either.

In fact, the device you’re reading this article on now makes use of APIs almost all the time.

You wouldn’t be able to move a piece of text, for instance, from a PowerPoint presentation to a Word doc without an API.

Running more programs at once? Including the actual OS? Again, courtesy of APIs.

At the most basic level, APIs are nothing more than links between applications, or series of requirements that govern the way in which applications communicate with each other.

So what does this have to do with your business?

Well, your online platforms and applications must be user-friendly and easy to understand, not to mention simple to manage for you and your team.

Therefore, the more you can optimize and automate them, the better.

In business, APIs can bring all the applications related to your business together in a most productive way.

Reasons to Embrace APIs - a.k.a. The Big Three

But first, a quick recap! From professional experience, we've learned that every company – that includes your company – would be a lot better off if it integrated some form of API.

But why exactly should you do that? Well, for three main reasons:

First, the overall efficiency of your systems will improve. Considerably. And, you won’t have to wait to see results. They're immediate!

Secondly, you know what happens when you work efficiently? You complete the same amount of work in a shorter period. And that’s something every savvy businessperson can get behind.

Finally, APIs facilitate efficient communication between otherwise isolated or independent systems. Once you enable disparate systems to talk to each other, delivering results becomes a lot easier.

Bottom Line With APIs Is…

With the advent of mobile technology, every business now has a digital element. If you want to overcome competition and inefficient processes, you’d better start taking advantage of APIs.

They can be a great strategic tool when used the right way.