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Why WeGoLook Loves Our Military Lookers

Since our founding in 2009, WeGoLook has had the privilege of working with hundreds of active and Veteran military personnel. Our work with military members has solidified for us the long-held notion that not only are their skills and professionalism invaluable, but their military experience allows them to adapt to dynamic and complex situations.

Simply put, we love partnering with current and former military personnel and their families through our popular gig economy platform. But more on this in a minute.

At WeGoLook, we have hundreds of military personnel who have partnered with us to work in the growing gig economy.

According to PwC, the gig economy, or what some term the sharing economy, is poised to be a $335 billion industry by 2025. This is up from $15 billion in 2013.

Now that's growth! And WeGoLook is at the forefront of this revolution.

The gig economy specifically refers to digital platforms that allow people like yourself to turn otherwise unproductive assets - time, labor, cars, homes, consumer items, etc - into income-producing ones.

For instance, Uber allows you to monetize your vehicle, or Airbnb enables you to make money from your home. And, in WeGoLook's case, we allow you earn money using your skills and spare time.

So what does all this have to do with military members? We're so glad you asked!

To answer this, we'd like to tell you about retired Col. Glenn Larson.


Meet Colonel Larson

Col. Larson is a Veteran who spent 14 years in the Army Rescue and Recovery service. After retiring from the military, Col. Larson began a second, and no less exciting, career as an auto Auctioneer and professional motorsports Announcer, which was the start of working in the gig for him.

Now retired and living in Amarillo, Texas, with his wife Linda and black lab Angie, you won't find Col. Larson speaking to large crowds anymore. Unless you count his six children, thirteen grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, as a crowd!

One job Col. Larson does continue to do, however, is work in the gig economy. 

"I'm retired, but I look forward to WeGoLook assignments." The retired Colonel tells us. "Not only does the money come in handy, but I really enjoy meeting and helping people" he continues.

Colonel Larson is among a growing number of gig workers who are turning to digital platforms like WeGoLook to not only earn supplemental income, but to remain social, and gain new experiences.

The future is bright according to the Colonel: "I believe the gig economy is the future of the workplace, and expect many industries to use it exclusively within the next 10 years or so."

Thank you for your service Colonel Larson, and we couldn't agree with you more!


Why The Gig Economy Works For Military Personnel

WeGoLook is a leader in the gig economy by providing on-demand workers (the future you!) to clients across North America who need boots-on-the-ground to get tasks completed.

These tasks include asset verifications such as vehicles, boats, property, heavy equipment, document retrievals, and so much more.

WeGoLook believes in supporting our military personnel by providing access to amazing flexible job opportunities in the gig economy. Because WeGoLook greatly values the skills, experience, and professionalism of serving and former military members and their families, we are dedicated to bringing the gig economy to them.

Gig economy platforms like WeGoLook are the perfect flexible work option for former military members looking to slowly transition back into the civilian workforce.

You make your own hours, take only the jobs you want to work, and you're your own boss. What could be better?

Further, platforms like WeGoLook are a great work option for serving members and their families who have to relocate due to our network available jobs nationwide.

Moving to a new state? No problem, pick up where you left off and start accepting WeGoLook jobs as if nothing had changed. The possibilities are endless!

The Gig Economy At Work

Imagine someone who wants to buy a vehicle on eBay. That vehicle is a few blocks from your home. Purchasers on eBay have the option of using WeGoLook to verify that asset before finalizing the purchase.

Once that buyer opts in for a WeGoLook verification, you would get a notification on your smartphone stating that a job is available. You accept the job - finish your coffee of course - and then head out to the vehicle location to make contact with the seller. 

You take a few pictures, test out a few things, maybe make a video, and submit a report all using WeGoLook's innovative mobile application. That's it!

Then you can go back home in time to pick the kids up from school!

WeGoLook pays out once a week, so no need to wait long for your money either. If this sounds like something that interests you, see our dedicated website for former military personnel.


Because Transition is Difficult

One of the main reasons that gig economy platforms like WeGoLook are perfect for Veterans is the ease with which one can re-enter the workforce.

We all can agree that this is a tough mission!

The statistics show us that although over 3 million military men and women have returned to the civilian world since 2001, unemployment for Veterans is still an issue.

This reality is highlighted by WeGoLook's very own Adam Vandiver (on the left). Adam is now a Recruitment ninja here at WeGoLook, but before this he spent four years as a heavy wheel mechanic in the Army.

"For me, the hardest part about re-entering the workforce was the change of culture" Adam tells us.

He continues,

"When speaking with veterans, active Military members, and their spouses; they love that WeGoLook jobs are so flexible (they can schedule themselves) and are available all over the U.S. and Canada. So, if they are reassigned to a different location all they have to do is update their address in our mobile app and they can be right back to work."

Gig platforms can clearly make a transition to civilian life easier by offering flexible job options for Veterans and their families.

And it's not just flexibility, but the supplemental income and remaining social; all at the same time.

This was certainly true for Jack Gonyer, a Veteran living in Bloomington, Minnesota. 

"With the income I received from my work with WeGoLook I have been able to remodel my kitchen and I am building a new deck on the back of my home" Jack told us. He continues, "I think all of the WeGoLook gigs are rewarding because I get to meet new people and get to know a little about them."

Here at WeGoLook we have often heard that military members do more before 8 am than most people in an entire day. After having worked with the hundreds of current and former military members and their families who have already partnered with WeGoLook, we know that this is not just another recruitment slogan. 

And this is why WeGoLook loves military members. Let's work together!