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WeGoLook to Showcase at Used Car Week 2017

The used car industry is one of many that is being transformed every day by new technology solutions. These solutions are making it easier and less expensive than ever before to move vehicles through the used car sales cycle. Wholesale auction companies, auto remarketers, auto finance businesses, and even the end customer all benefit from improvements in the industry.

WeGoLook is among those solutions, and we are thrilled to share our solutions at the annual Used Car Week event in California.


WeGoLook at Used Car Week

This year at Used Car Week, our CEO, Robin Smith, will be moderating a panel about vehicle inspections on Thursday, November 16th. The panel will discuss how auto inspections are changing as the industry evolves and embraces advances in technology.

“Verifying a vehicle’s condition at every stage of the automotive life cycle is extremely important. If, at any point, the condition of the vehicle is not clear, the dealer absorbs that cost,” says Robin. “In addition, with the rise of mobile auctions (where auto auctions move from place to place around the country), auction facilitators don’t have all the resources that traditional fixed auctions have. Without a flexible inspection solution like WeGoLook, they have no choice but to proceed with less information, which increases risk for bidders. That’s why we are so excited about WeGoLook’s capabilities to help auctions, dealers, and remarketers gather accurate information quickly, reducing risk and making informed decisions.”


WeGoLook and the Auto Industry

One of the most exciting and unique aspects of WeGoLook’s solutions for the auto industry is just how many parts of the automotive sales cycle we can affect. Below, we’ve outlined a few of our favorites.


Auto Financing

WeGoLook plays an essential part in auto financing for both auto loan services and “buy here, pay here” dealerships. For example, WeGoLook can offer “stip chasing,” or securing the documents required to grant auto loans. We are a great option for companies that don’t have physical branches but operate solely online.


Auto Remarketing and Cataloging

WeGoLook enables a revolutionary new opportunity for remarketers to acquire images of vehicles before they even get to selling locations. For example, if a vehicle is headed to auction, a Looker can capture images of the vehicle to be advertised online while the vehicle is still in transit. Securing verified, third-party images ensures accuracy and allows prospective buyers to evaluate buying options remotely.



WeGoLook can also help dealerships and other auto companies with the process of repossessing vehicles from owners delinquent on car payments. By gathering images from outside the home of a vehicle owner, Lookers can help auto businesses determine whether a vehicle is at an owner’s recorded address and whether or not it is accessible to be removed from the property. These same images can be used to verify the external condition of the vehicle.

We can’t wait to share all of our auto industry solutions at this year’s Used Car Week. Stop by booth 209 and sign up to win your very own model DeLorean (you know, from Back to the Future!). See you there!