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WeGoLook now in the UK

WeGoLook has officially launched in the United Kingdom (UK), and we couldn’t be more excited!

If you remember, we started our search for Lookers in the UK some time ago. Today, we’re so happy to announce that we’ve been working with our parent company Crawford & Company to bring our innovative on-demand services to the UK.

Transforming handling of claims - now in the UK

WeGoLook and Crawford have introduced a revolutionary approach to handling high-frequency, low-complexity claims to the UK. If you need someone to look at your car, your home, or your boat (you do live on an island!), WeGoLook is now the solution for you.

As the gig economy expands, WeGoLook saw an opportunity to create the leading network of independent contractors – known as Lookers. Our Lookers have access to the innovative WeGoLook mobile app to provide faster, more cost-effective, on-site inspections for a broad range of industries and consumers. Now, we are bringing that capability to the UK.

Our on-demand workforce of over 40,000 global Lookers, a portion of which is already located across the UK, are now accessible to businesses and consumers alike.

Our (British) Lookers

Our Lookers are vetted to conduct precise and timely on-site inspections. Consider for the insurance industry, Lookers use the WeGoLook app to securely collect critical information which can be accessed immediately by an underwriter, loss adjuster, or other stakeholder. Consider a vehicle accident, where a loss adjuster requires documentation of the damage and accident scene. There’s a Looker for that!

This enables the speedier completion of policy underwriting and claims processing, and delivers a higher-quality service to UK policyholders.

This expansion is a very exciting time for us, and our CEO Robin Smith agrees, “We are very excited to be launching WeGoLook in the UK as Crawford works to transform the way claims are handled.”

Robin looks forward to making a difference, noting “Our unique system enables claims teams to get eyes on incidents in record time via our on-demand Lookers, with virtually instantaneous access to captured data to facilitate a speedy claims response.”

Robin is not the only executive excited about this expansion. Clive Nicholls, president of Crawford in  UK & Ireland added that, “We believe that the introduction of the WeGoLook platform to the UK will significantly enhance claims responsiveness and the level of service provided to policyholders.  It is another example of Crawford’s commitment to its mission to restore and enhance lives, businesses and communities.”

Clive believes the platform will do a lot of good to a lot of people, saying, “The platform delivers a high-quality, low-cost approach built on transformational data-capture technology, and capitalizes on the huge potential of today’s gig economy. Through working with WeGoLook, we see a fantastic opportunity to help push forward the ongoing digitalization of claims management as we roll out innovative industry solutions.”

We couldn’t be more excited to bring our combination of technology and an on-demand workforce to the UK alongside Crawford. And, if you are looking to join our fast growing on-demand workforce in the UK, please check out our UK Looker page.