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WeGoLook Mobile App Version 2.5 Now Available for iOS and Android

We're happy to announce that version 2.5 of the WeGoLook mobile app for Apple iOS and Google Android are now live in the Apple and Google Play stores. 

The WeGoLook development team is dedicated to bringing useful and valuable features to the WeGoLook to improve efficiency and enhance the user experience for our Looker community. WeGoLook app version 2.5 brings the following updates to users. 

VIN Scanning and VIN Searching 

No more typing in VIN numbers manually. WeGoLook v2.5 allows users to scan the VIN barcode, entering the data directly into the application. 


Photo and Text Support

Not sure what angle or information to capture when completing a Look? Our new photo and text support provide the guidance you need in-app to capture the right information while performing the Look. 


WeGoLook 2.5 - A Must-Have Release

Not only does version 2.5 include critical features previously released in other updates, it represents the commitment WeGoLook has made to protect and secure client data. Many agreements with WeGoLook enterprise clients require Looks be captured with the mobile application. Lookers may not be able to complete a Look that requires new services and features provided in recent releases without updating the mobile application. WeGoLook understands this transition will be an adjustment for some members of the Looker community but it is a vital step in moving the company, the platform and business forward in the new Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace.

"Once again, we're happy to partner with our Looker community to continually improve the WeGoLook mobile user experience. The more support we can provide, the better the experience is for our Lookers and together we continue to enhance the accuracy and reliability of WeGoLook inspection reports for our clients," said Greg Starling, WeGoLook Chief Technology Officer. 

Download from the Apple or the Google Play stores today! Be sure to leave a review of the mobile app in the Apple or Google Play store.