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WeGoLook in the UK: Meet Suzanne

Suzanne is not a professional juggler, but she has a lot going on. She certainly is good at keeping all of her responsibilities in place!

For starters, she is a busy wife, and a mom to a 9-year-old girl. Additionally, she is a full-time student at the University of Derby, where she is in the third year of her Bachelor’s degree in child and family health and well being.

“When I'm not reading either study related books or the latest James Patterson, I'm spending time with my family,” Suzanne said.

Suzy and WeGoLook

Suzanne learned about WeGoLook from a family member that works for Crawford & Company—WeGoLook’s parent company, and the world's largest claims management provider.

Seeing the flexibility of gig work, she immediately saw the potential in being a Looker. “Being a looker works so well around my family and study commitments,” Suzanne said. Yes, being a full-time mom and a full-time student, a full-time job just didn’t make much sense.

Suzanne still had some concerns, being that she is now working in the gig economy. “My only concern has been about the amount of looks that would come in,” she said, initially worried that there may not be enough work.

That hasn’t been an issue.


Suzanne’s been on a quite a few Looks, and remembers some of them with a smile on her face. “So far my Looks have been taking photos of the outside of retail buildings. The hardest and funniest part has been trying to take the photos with people trying to make funny faces through the windows,” she said.

Suzanne loves being able to work from her smartphone. “Working from my phone makes it so easy as I can pick up looks on the move, go and do the visit and submit it within the hour if it suits.”

Philip Madeley, WeGoLook’s UK Client Development Officer notes in a recent interview that both Crawford & Company and WeGoLook are “are extremely committed to our UK expansion, and we are here to stay.”

WeGoLook is proud of our UK Lookers, with Phil proudly stating that “From Land’s End to John O’Groats and plenty in between, WeGoLook already has over 1,000 Lookers in the U.K.”