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WeGoLook in the UK: Meet Olawale

Olawale is a man of many careers and hobbies. As a retired prison/correctional officer, he found a new career in private security— as an officer and trainer.

In his free time, Olawale likes to dabble in photography, international relations, and cycling. These things are very different from one another, so he didn’t think twice about adding the title of a Looker to his resume, as well.

Enter WeGoLook

“I first heard about WeGoLook from an advertisement on the web, got interested and decided to register as a Looker,” he said, adding that he introduced his friends to WeGoLook as well. “It’s a great service!”

Olawale said that the digital nature of the working process at WeGoLook is what appealed to him the most. “The flexibility to carry out assignments and the freedom to pick and choose jobs allows Lookers to carry out Looks with ease,” he said. He also admires the WeGoLook support team, saying that they are “a formidable team, providing a 24-hour support to Lookers.”

The gig economy has its ups and downs, but Olawale claims, “I have no concerns about carrying out Looks or been referred to as a gig worker. I am looking forward to getting more jobs/contacts/clients from WeGoLook in the United Kingdom.” Quite an entrepreneur, isn’t he?

The Looks

Olawale enjoys going on Looks, as it helps him discover new places. Learning new things is a part of the gig, and there are always new and interesting things Olawale comes across, which keeps him interested.

He also enjoys working within the mobile app. “The fully integrated WeGoLook application on the mobile phone facilitates the entire process between WeGoLook, the Looker, and clients very smooth and hitch free,” he said.

WeGoLook in the UK

Philip Madeley, WeGoLook’s UK Client Development Officer notes in a recent interview that both the Crawford and WeGoLook families are “are extremely committed to our UK expansion, and we are here to stay.”

Phil proudly states that “From Land’s End to John O’Groats and plenty in between, WeGoLook already has over 1,000 Lookers in the UK.”

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