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WeGoLook in the UK: Meet Andy

The thing that Andy wanted for nearly 30 years was to have the flexibility to raise a puppy. Yeah, an adorable puppy. Honestly, who doesn’t want that!

Unfortunately, his sales career kept getting in the way, and with constantly increasing targets, it was nearly impossible to dedicate enough time and properly care for a little furry doggie.

Becoming a Looker changed this for Andy. “We now have a 10-month-old chocolate Labrador who is a fantastic pet, having had the time to devote to her.”

Enter WeGoLook

Andy also spent some time owning a franchise for a range of automotive consumables, “but this was not financially viable so I have recently given that up and am looking to take on more ‘gig’ opportunities. I already work with an Accompanied Viewing service provider which I do alongside WeGoLook,” said Andy.

As most of us, Andy spends some of his time on Facebook, where he noticed an ad for WeGoLook. He saw this as a great opportunity for a few reasons. “I like the flexibility the WeGoLook offers as well as being able to complete everything through the WeGoLook App,” he said. “The App is very easy to use and makes it quick and simple to complete, review, and submit looks,” he added.

Being careful with everything he does, Andy said he did quite a bit of research before joining WeGoLook. He wanted to know what he “was getting in to and that it was a genuine, stable and reliable organization.” Clearly, his research was satisfying and he joined the team.

Becoming a Looker

Andy has had quite a few Looks, one rental property external Look, and a lot of Subway outlet Looks. The external Looks, he says, “are easy to complete and I have not (yet) had any Looks rejected.”

Getting on some of these properties was never too problematic, Andy remembers. “I have been challenged by staff on two or three occasions but they were all very easily placated when I explained what I was doing and have not had to show the General Letter of introduction. I have also been challenged by Bedfordshire Police who were running a roadshow directly outside one of the Subway Looks but again this was easily dealt with.” Yikes!

Andy says he looks forward to even more and diversified work from WeGoLook

WeGoLook in the UK

Philip Madeley, WeGoLook’s UK Client Development Officer notes in a recent interview that both the Crawford and WeGoLook families are “are extremely committed to our UK expansion, and we are here to stay.”

Phil proudly states that “From Land’s End to John O’Groats and plenty in between, WeGoLook already has over 1,000 Lookers in the UK.”

If you’d like to hear more about WeGoLook’s UK Lookers, check out this story about Suzanne and Olawale.