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WeGoLook helps celebrate Founder’s Day, Crawford’s 77th anniversary

In 1941, WeGoLook’s parent company Crawford & Company’s Founder Jim Crawford, understood the need in the insurance industry for competent claims services delivered promptly and cost efficiently. This was the beginning of the Crawford & Company journey.

Last week, Crawford and WeGoLook celebrated Crawford’s 77 years of global growth and diversification, including strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and corporate restructures. WeGoLook is only a small, yet important, part of Crawford’s incredible history.

Rebranded as Founder’s Day to recognize the importance of Jim Crawford to the company, May 27th marked the 77th anniversary of Crawford & Company. And we certainly celebrated!

The WeGoLook team was so excited today to celebrate Founder’s Day at our Oklahoma City office. With ice cream and cookies, who can think of a better way to celebrate?

We are so proud to be a member of the global Crawford team. There’s so much to celebrate, not the least of which is Crawford’s presence in 70 countries, and across over 140 partner channels.

Whether it is large and complex losses, disaster response, or residential or commercial work, Crawford and WeGoLook have the network of insurance professionals and on-demand workers to manage losses, anywhere in the world.

Congratulations to everyone at Crawford for the 77th anniversary. And, of course, thanks for the ice cream!

The WeGoLook Team