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WeGoLook at Diversity

As Uber just released its highly anticipated, first-ever diversity report detailing the demographics of its employees, WeGoLook known as the "Uber of Inspections" has a lot to brag about when it comes to diversity in the workplace.

First, take a look at those colors! As one of the fastest growing tech companies in Oklahoma, WeGoLook is changing the way the world works.


Yes, WeGoLook (59.8%) and Uber (49.8%) are predominantly white companies. That’s unfortunately the norm at U.S.-based tech companies, but where the gig economy shines is in its even representation of other minorities.

Overall, WeGoLook's employees are made up of 14% black, 7.5% Hispanic and 18.7% other nationalities, while Uber is less diversified with 8.8% black, 5.6% Latinx and 4.3% two more or races in the U.S. 


Now about gender. It's almost unheard of in the tech industry to have 51.4% female representation in a company, but as a female-lead mobile technology platform, WeGoLook bridges the gap. Which says a lot compared to our counterparts Uber (36.1%), Facebook (17%) and Apple (32%). 

Uber’s overall female representation is not bad, but it’s not as good as female representation at WeGoLook, Airbnb, which is 43% female, and Pinterest, which is 44% female.


When it comes to age, 58.9% of WeGoLook is made up of millennials, which is not surprising for a young, hip tech company. Our counterparts don't include their age breakup, but WeGoLook is very diverse and has a pretty even breakdown in the additional ages, respectively. 

Core Values

So what does all of this mean? It all stems back to our core values and how we conduct ourselves as professionals. At WeGoLook, we:

  • Embrace Empowerment: We take initiative, make meaningful contributions, and exceed expectations.
  • Are Driven: We approach each day with urgency, dedication, and persistence.
  • Deliver Quality: We commit to greatness by going the extra mile in everything we do.
  • Create Collaboration: We work as a team and support the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and resources.
  • Embody Integrity: We behave ethically and responsibly; we're honest, trustworthy and accountable.
  • Show Respect: We treat our customers, Lookers, and each other with kindness and respect.
  • Give Back: We believe in our social responsibility to make the world a better place.

We tackle new challenges every day with a deeply integrated team that’s passionate about our Customers, Lookers, and our Product (it’s really cool).

We help individuals and businesses collect the information they need to make informed decisions, from purchasing an item across the country or performing a custom task that simply requires a pair of local boots on the ground.

Together, with our fleet of more than 30,000+ Lookers, we are changing the way the world works.

To learn more about becoming and employee at our corporate office, visit our career page.