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New Webinar – Come Together: The New Claims Transformation Insurtech Paradigm

In 2016, global insurtech investments totaled $1.7 billion, with both the volume and value of deals roughly doubling since 2014. This doesn’t include companies that are self-funded, have traditional financing, or work with angel investors to bring innovation to the $4.5 trillion global insurance industry. And, every segment of the insurance value chain has been impacted by those investments, including claims.

How will insurers be influenced by existing and emerging insurtech companies? The answer remains uncertain. To stimulate discussion about recent innovations in the insurance industry and the technologies available from claims insurtech firms, Digital Insurance is hosting an online webinar on March 19th at 2 PM Eastern.  

Moderated by Pat Speer, Principal, Speer Content Strategy & Development, the seminar features thought leaders in the insurtech industry. Featured speakers include:

To participate in the online seminar, visit the registration page.

Thanks to rapid technological advances in the insurance industry, insurers are witnessing unprecedented disruption led by the growing number of insurtech startups. Fueling this disruption is policyholders’ increasing demand for more digital touchpoints that make it more convenient and speedy to interact with insurers. Unsurprisingly, it’s insurtech that’s leading the charge for reinventing the claims space.

Some insurers are embracing this disruption with new staffing paradigms designed to better serve their policyholders. Crawford & Company’s acquisition of WeGoLook is an excellent example. This strategic investment enables the world's largest publicly listed independent provider of claims management solutions to position itself for the future in which it predicts more innovation, such as crowdsourcing adjusters for volume claims. Crawford & Company is now able to leverage the power of the on-demand workforce by tapping into WeGoLook’s network of more than 40,000 “Lookers.”

Unfortunately, too many insurers are sitting on the sidelines. For them to get into the game, they must develop a fresh approach to the entire claims process.

Come join the discussion about innovation in the insurance industry with Digital Insurance’s webinar on March 19th at 2 PM Eastern. Join WeGoLook COO Kenneth Knoll, Kespry Director of Marketing Nathan Stump, and Schedule It’s CEO Rebecca Wheeling, in a discussion about the innovative technologies available to insurance enterprises and professionals to help them manage the claims cycle.