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Trick or Treat: Don’t Let Your Online Purchase Be a Nightmare

We have all heard the horror stories: wedding dresses that look nothing like the picture, car buying scams, fake photos to sell knockoff clothes, and scammers using foreclosed and for sale properties and listing them for rent on Craigslist. WeGoLook is here to make sure your online purchases aren’t a nightmare and that you have the information you need to make an informed buying decision online.

Use mobile payment options to avoid identity theft

By using PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Wallet, your credit card and billing information lives in only one database, rather than at multiple stores. This can save you some headache if one of the stores gets hacked, your information is safe from identity thieves.

Change up your usernames

When websites require you to create a username, don’t use the same username or password you use for other logins. If those sites happened to get comprised, hackers can use the logins to phish other sites.

Look for the Lock

Make sure ordering pages start with https:// (the ‘s’ means it’s secure) or appears with a lock icon along with the website's URL. If you see a lock but it has a warning symbol, such as a question mark or red line through it, that suggests the website is only partially encrypted. Abandon cart.

Avoid Suspicious Websites

Try to stick to the bigger name retailers or if it’s a small site, check they have a trusted method of payment like PayPal. If you’re still unsure, see if the company has any online reviews or a Facebook page. If you can’t find anything about it, it may be wise to give it a miss.

Be Wary of Unmoderated Listings

Popular sites like eBay and Craigslist can be great for a bargain, but the sellers don’t have to be checked out before they can sell. Item descriptions and pictures may not be truly representative of what you buy – check out the seller’s feedback and see if others have had any problems. Better yet still, check out the item in person before continuing the transaction. If the item is too far from home for you to make the trip, think about sending a local to review the item on your behalf.

Watch out for Bait and Switch

The real risk here is with large items such as cars. Say you take part in an online auction or you are looking on a marketplace such as Facebook. Always do your research, is it an unbelievable steal or rare find; a trusted third party verification company like WeGoLook can help verify it’s a good purchasing decision.

Don’t Shop on ‘Free’ Wi-Fi

When you use your mobile device on someone else’s Wi-Fi then you’re putting yourself at risk of someone getting hold of your personal data. Open networks are generally unsecured and it could allow someone running on the same network, to take your card number and sell it on.

Use a Trusted Third Party Review Company

If you’re still unsure before making a purchase, it can be a weight off your mind to have a trusted third party check out things and give you an unbiased audit. WeGoLook offers product verification and reviews, giving you peace of mind when it comes to shopping online.

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