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Top 5 Tips for InsureTech Connect

We are coming up on one of the most exciting times of the year for WeGoLook and countless other innovative companies in the insurance industry -- the annual InsureTech Connect (ITC) conference. If you’re not familiar with InsureTech Connect, this event is where the most innovative and progressive minds in the insurance industry come together to learn from one another and to create new collaborations that will move the industry forward.

InsureTech Connect is one of the biggest events of the year for WeGoLook. It’s the time when our strengths shine bright because a huge part of our business is helping the insurance industry operate more efficiently and deliver better customer service using a combination of technology and our on-demand workforce of more than 30,000 Lookers.

We attended InsureTech Connect last year, and this year we have received several contacts from first-time attendees asking what they can expect when they attend. That’s why we decided to put together this list of our top 5 tips for those attending InsureTech Connect. We also reached out to our insurance network to see what tips they have for first-time InsureTech Connect attendees from their experience at ITC and other industry events like it.

We hope you find it helpful!


1. Speed networking

The organizers of InsureTech Connect know that attendees want to meet as many people as possible who are in the industry and who have mutual interests. InsureTech Connect makes this easy with their “speed networking” concept.

Using the exclusive InsureTech Connect networking app, Brella, you can schedule quick, 15-minute “speed meetings” with potential business connections. The meetings take place in intimate meeting rooms all in one location so you don’t need to find a meeting spot. No more “meeting for coffee”: just schedule your meeting and you already have the perfect spot.

In these 15-minute meetings, you can learn what other people do, convey what you do, and see if there is mutual interest. If not, no problem! You shake hands and move on. But if so, you can easily schedule longer meetings other times.

We love this concept because time is limited at events. We want to meet as many people as possible and these 15-minute speed meetings make it easier than ever.


2. Strategically creating connections

One founder and thought leader in the InsureTech space, Raution Jaiswal of InsuredMine, suggests creating your connections strategically in order to maximize your company’s attendance at ITC. He says, “With this kind of audience in number and quality, it is easy to be overwhelmed. So it is very important to be strategic about the event and plan it well.”

Great advice! In other words, don’t wait until you’re at InsureTech Connect to start planning for InsureTech Connect. Here are some ideas you might consider to make the most of your time at ITC:

  • Review the list of companies attending and reach out to your contacts at those companies to let them know you’re attending.

  • Join the official ITC app, Brella, and schedule 15-minute speed meetings with potential connections (see above section).

  • Plan your schedule before you arrive so you can spend more time at the event itself.

In general, the more you plan before the event, the more time you will have to enjoy the connections and the sessions. And speaking of sessions…


3. Learn about the future of the industry

Besides meeting new people and gaining exposure for your company, InsureTech Connect is a place for you to learn about the future of the insurance industry. Take advantage of many great sessions where some of the most innovative individuals share not only their products and services, but their expertise.

This year at InsureTech Connect, our CEO, Robin Smith, will be making a major company announcement at one of ITC’s Showcase Sessions. This will take place on Tuesday, October 3rd at 3pm Mountain Standard Time. You won’t want to miss it!

Here are some tips for getting the most out of InsureTech Connect’s educational content:

  • Review the educational sessions and determine which ones you plan on attending.

  • Be sure to have some way to take notes -- maybe a laptop, a tablet, an iPhone, or a good old-fashioned notebook. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s portable.

  • Divide and conquer! Consider sending your team different sessions and taking notes to share with each other so everyone gets as much value as possible.

  • As a bonus -- if you do take notes sessions, email your contacts after the fact and offer to share your notes to them. They will certainly appreciate it!


4. Be open-minded

As you’re learning all of this new information about what is working in the industry, it’s important to stay open-minded about your current goals and plans. Some companies are more agile than others, but every company should be thinking ahead to what’s next.

For some companies, this may mean planning for a change in the following fiscal year. Other companies, like the many startups attending InsureTech Connect this year, may be able to immediately incorporate new solutions into their existing strategies. Whatever the case for your company, staying open-minded will help you get the best return on your investment at InsureTech Connect.


5. Make friends

Last but not least, don’t forget that InsureTech Connect is a place to make personal connections too. Make friends with colleagues that you will see at industry events throughout the year. You work in the same industry, so you may be able to help one another with unique challenges or celebrate with one another over similar triumphs. This is why InsureTech Connect and other industry events like it are so much fun!

Whether you’re returning to InsureTech Connect or looking for advice to prepare for your first visit, we hope these tips make your attendance at this great conference more productive, informative, and enjoyable.