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Third-Party Car Inspection: The Benefits for Online Shoppers

A car is one of the most important and most expensive consumer items people buy. New cars often cost tens of thousands of dollars. But many people are willing to pay this money, or even take out loans to buy cars because they provide several key benefits: mobility and independence, a symbol of status, and pure fun.

In 2016, over 17.5 million cars were sold in the U.S. This is an all-time record. Although sales records are great for automakers, many car purchases are now being made online. This can be very convenient for online shoppers. In a recent survey, 33% of consumers said they’d prefer to buy a car entirely online than at a dealership. That’s a big change!

Although convenient, online car shopping brings up distinct safety and logistics issues for consumers. Luckily there is a solution: third-party car inspections. Here is a look at some of the top benefits of third-party car inspections, and how they can help online car shoppers.

Benefit #1: Avoid scams and misrepresentations

When a person purchases a car online, the potential for a scam to occur is much greater than it would be if they bought it in person. This is because the car is being bought from a complete stranger through an internet transaction. The actual car could be hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the buyer if it is even real in the first place. Sites such as eBay, Craigslist, and Autotrader all offer cars for sale. In fact, eBay alone has roughly 1,500 car sales on its site every single day.

Although the vast majority of these car sales are legitimate, scams can still occur. Third-party car inspection services, such as WeGoLook Auto Inspections, can prevent you from being scammed with your ecommerce car purchase. With WeGoLook auto inspections, a third-party will verify the car to make sure that you’re actually getting what you are paying for.

Benefit 2: Avoid a lemon

If your new car has not been inspected before you go to pick up, then there could be safety risks. Roughly 50 percent of car buyers spend 1-3 months shopping before making their purchase. So, the last thing you want when driving your new car home is for the car to suddenly malfunction.

Third-party car inspections can reduce the safety risks associated with buying a new car online. This is because the verification specialists can travel to the vehicle location and make sure it is in working order.

Benefit 3: Condition confirmation

When you purchase a car online, you are doing so with the assumption that the car will be in the condition that it is described. However, this is not always the case. For example, an ad for a used 2007 Corvette could describe the car as being in excellent condition. However, the truth could be that the head gasket is blown, and the car needs to be completely torn apart and repaired. This could cost you a lot of money.

83 percent of car shoppers conduct online research before buying a car. If you have the car inspected through a third-party car inspection service, such as WeGoLook, then you can make sure that the car that you are going to buy is actually in the condition that it is being described online.

A smarter way to shop

Whether you are buying your first car or your twentieth, if you plan on buying it online, using a third-party auto inspection service can be incredibly helpful to you. After all, no one wants to get scammed, to drive a lemon, or to buy a vehicle in a worse condition than described.

If you are thinking of buying a car online, it can be well worth your while to get a third-party inspection first. The average person buys 9-13 cars in their lifetime, so make sure you do it smartly!