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The Rise of the Gig in Australia

“With WeGoLook’s partnership with Crawford & Co., our expansion has led us to look closer at Australia, and we love what we see." –Robin Smith, CEO and Co-Founder

The gig economy is quickly growing in Australia.

new study found that one in six Aussie's who are over 18 have an Airbnb account, and there are currently 54,000 Uber drivers across the country.

According to Kochie’s Business Builders, it’s estimated to grow by more than 250% over the next five years.

Now that's growth!

The RateSetter Sharing Economy Trust Index backs up this estimate with a study that claims the gig economy in Australia is worth $14.5 billion (as of 2016).

The enormous success of major peer-to-peer platforms like Uber and Airbnb has led to dozens of new gig economy startups, many of them based right here in Australia.

Below we consider both major gig economy platforms as well as newcomers to the scene in our look at the rise of the gig in Australia.

Here’s what you need to know about Australia’s gig economy.

Australia's Gig Economy: Key Insights

The gig economy in Australia has experienced unprecedented growth in 2016.

The Winter 2016 Survey from RateSetter highlights the following statistics about Australians: 

  • 60% have used a gig economy platform in last 6 months.
  • 68% plan to use a gig economy platform in the future.

The Grattan Institute has also recently released a report that discusses the growth of the gig economy in Australia.

Key points include that the gig economy is improving an already flexible labor market, giving Australians more options to supplement their income, and that the shift towards gig work is a cultural and generational thing.

I guess they have millennials over in Australia too!

But, RateSetter CEO Daniel Foggo says it best, “The beauty of the sharing economy is that everyone, young and old, can participate in a way that suits them.”

Top Australian Gig Economy Platforms

Dozens of sharing economy platforms are available in Australia for micro-entrepreneurs and gig workers to leverage.

The most popular include global platforms like Airbnb and Uber. Not only are these the most popular, but they are also trusted by most Australians.

According to Open Forum, smaller peer-to-peer platforms can piggyback off the established reputation of these platforms to reach new audiences more quickly.

An example of the surge in the success of Australia’s sharing economy is the birth of The Sharing Hub.

Headed by Michael Rosenbaum, co-founder of DealsDirect, the goal of The Sharing Hub co-working space is to help Australian startups “accelerate growth and hit target revenues.”

Startup Smart reports The Sharing Hub will house around 100 entrepreneurs. 

In addition to Rosenbaum, the founder of Zoom2U, the co-founder of Mad Paws, and the CEO of Car Next Door (all successful Australian gig economy startups) are all onboard with the project as well.

With the sharing economy already booming in Australia, The Sharing Hub is sure to help 10X its growth.

Utilizing the Gig Economy

There are now more options than ever before for gig work to help Australians supplement their income.

Sharing economy gigs are so abundant that many people are now relying on gig work as their primary source of income.

As a leader in the gig economy in America, WeGoLook has firsthand experience with this new generation of worker. We have over 30,000 in fact working on our on-demand worker platform.

Using several platforms at once enables micro-entrepreneurs to make a full-time living from gig economy platforms.

It's the patchwork income model, and people love it because they can be their own boss, work from home, and choose the jobs they want, and when they want them.

And all the options available give you more control. Not interested in giving others rides in your car with Uber in Australia?

Then how about renting out your car with Car Next Door?

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that you can make between $25 and $35 a day with the service.

Another platform like Airtasker allows gig workers to pick up and complete tasks for $10 up to several hundreds of dollars. This is a similar, yet different in many ways, platform to America's TaskRabbit.

Airtasker tasks range from washing windows, to gardening, moving, putting together furniture, and so much more! 

Got a bunch of new IKEA furniture? Hand the Allen key to an Airtasker and save yourself the aggravation!

The gig economy is all about flexibility and options.

For those interested in learning more about the gig economy in Australia, check out the Review of the Collaborative Economy in NSW by Deloitte Access Economics.

As you can see, the future of the gig economy is bright in Australia.

And WeGoLook is excited to be a part of it!

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