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The Best Job for Drone Operators - The Gig Economy

For many of us, drone operation is a hobby. People use drones to get better views of their neighborhoods and vacation areas, or simply for the joy of flying remote control machines. That said, even though drone operation can be a lot of fun, it also can be a great way to make money.

The gig economy makes it increasingly possible for freelance operators to make money with their drones. In fact, WeGoLook offers drone operators a quick and easy way to begin making money in the gig economy. Here’s how you can get started.


1. Buy a drone

There are many different places where you can buy a drone either online or at a local store. Some of the most popular drone retailers include BestBuyTarget, and Amazon. Drones typically cost between $100 and $2000 with higher-end models over $3000.


2. Register your drone and become licensed with the FAA

If you intend to use your drone for commercial purposes, you will have to register it with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You will also have to obtain a section Part 107 license. The Part 107 is the license required to operate a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) such as a drone.

The Part 107 license requires about 5-6 hours of study to get the knowledge needed for approval. There are some excellent resources online you can use to help you study for your license.


3. Obtain insurance

Because drone operation comes with some risks, you need to obtain insurance for your drone. For example, if your drone damages property or hits someone, commercial drone insurance can help cover you from if held liable.  

Fortunately, there are some affordable annual policy options, such as on-demand coverage from platforms like Verifly.


4. Sign up to be a drone operator with WeGoLook

WeGoLook combines technology with an on-demand workforce of over 30,000 Lookers to help businesses and individuals gather and validate information anytime, anywhere. WeGoLook has recently expanded its successful model to offer drone photography services and, as such, is currently recruiting drone pilots who are interested in getting paid to fulfill drone-related gigs.

Through the use of drones, WeGoLook is revolutionizing the insurance industry, making tasks like insurance underwriting more accurate, safer, and more efficient. As WeGoLook COO Kenneth Knoll says, “We are currently experiencing the most interest (for drone inspections) on the underwriting side of the business where a provider has a large number of homes to inspect for exterior damage following a recent severe weather event (within the last year).”

Signing up to be a drone pilot with WeGoLook is simple. Click here to visit the drone pilots landing page and to start the onboarding process. During the process, you'll have an opportunity to upload a copy of your Part 107 license and insurance. Once you're an approved Looker, you can start claiming drone jobs as they become available in your area.