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Tapping into the Gig Economy for Courier Services

The gig economy has had a dramatic impact on business operations in all industries, as organizations find clever ways to outsource tedious tasks.

By forming strategic partnerships with startups in niche markets, businesses can instantly become more efficient, extend their service offerings, and improve the customer experience.

For instance, WeGoLook has partnered with many enterprise clients to offer an array of gig economy services, including courier services

Many organizations devote a significant amount of time and resources to courier services, whether it’s to ship documents or packages, run corporate errands, or facilitate salvage retrieval.

Rather than adding this task to an existing employee’s to-do list, companies now have the option to utilize on-demand solutions like that offered by WeGoLook.


WeGoLook: The Uber of Courier Services

WeGoLook, a gig economy company specializing in on-demand field services, has recognized the need for outsourcing courier services. With WeGoLook’s customized solutions, clients can eliminate the inconvenience and added expense of preparing, shipping, and delivering items for business purposes.

With a network of 30,000 on-demand workers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia, WeGoLook is uniquely positioned to provide courier services at the swipe of a smartphone.


On-Demand Courier Service: How It Works

When a client places an order, a Looker (agent) is dispatched to a specified location for pickup. The Looker then delivers to another location, typically within 10 miles of the pickup location. The customer receives automated pickup and delivery verifications in real time.

By leveraging a third-party company to perform courier tasks, organizations can eliminate additional travel expenses and increase efficiencies. 


The Digital Era of Business

With the rise of the gig economy, companies have been forced to reevaluate their current processes and adapt to emerging consumer trends.

Now that customers expect nearly everything on demand, efficiency is more important than ever. The primary business benefits of a third-party courier service are faster delivery, lower rates, and greater reliability.


Swift and Simple Delivery

The top advantage of using an on-demand courier service is the speed of delivery. With a localized courier service, your package won’t end up sitting in a warehouse or the back of a truck for a day or two.

Instead, it will be delivered to your client the same day, all with a swipe on your smartphone or customized enterprise dashboard.


Cost-Effective Rates

Rather than paying full price at the post office, you can hire an on-demand worker at a fraction of the cost. Typically, couriers work on a flat-rate basis or charge per mile.

Either way, their rates are extremely competitive. By leveraging more cost-effective gig economy solutions, companies can reduce service costs and fuel growth.


Reliable Service

When you leverage a vast network of on-demand workers, you can guarantee that your packages will consistently arrive on time.

You’ll establish trust and reliability with your customers, and with real-time updates and fully insured packages, you can rest assured that all of your deliveries are handled flawlessly.

The gig economy presents a unique opportunity for companies to extend their services while simultaneously improving efficiency. With the rise of strategic partnerships, a new workforce of agents is ready to deliver.