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Renting Your Time and Possessions for Extra Cash

The key to the gig economy is that your hours are flexible and you are your own boss. You can take on as many "gigs" (i.e. work assignments) as you wish. 

"The gig economy has taken the world by storm, with over 45 million Americans participating in it in some fashion. By 2020, one study estimates that 40 percent of America's workforce will be self-employed through either contract work or freelancing of some sort."  --  Ashlie Cornelius, Marketing Strategist at WeGoLook

If you're looking for easy ways to bring in some extra cash (do you know anyone who isn't?), consider hopping on the gig economy bandwagon.

Do you have a mobile device…hopefully a smartphone? Good. 

Do you have an asset or service to offer? You're almost there.

If you do, you can easily find a platform to connect with potential clients who are interested in what you have to share. 

Now we're in business!

Welcome to the Gig Economy

According to an in-depth earnings analysis by JP Morgan, Americans who work in the gig economy average $533 in extra income each month.

What is this gig economy, you ask? 

Also known as 'collaborative consumption' or the 'sharing economy,' it's a new economic ecosystem that allows people to connect online and share their services or assets with others.

They way to connect is through online platforms, and your assets include physical assets such as cars and homes, or labor assets such as your skills and expertise.

For instance, the online platform Airbnb enables you to share an asset: your home.

Or, the online platform WeGoLook allows you to easily share services: your expertise and labor.

The key to the gig economy is that your hours are flexible and you are your own boss. You can take on as many "gigs" (i.e. work assignments) as you wish. 

Sounds pretty good no? Whether you're in between jobs or would like something extra to do in the evenings and weeks; the gig economy is a perfect side hustle.

Even people with full-time jobs already are flocking to the gig economy to add some financial flexibility to their lives.

Advanced mobile technology is making connections in the gig economy easy and on-demand.

Between the years 2012-2015, JP Morgan estimated that gig workers earned approximately $10.3 million from the gig economy.

Want to know how you can get a slice of that gig economy pie?

Renting Your Time 101

If you have extra time or a service to offer, you can easily make a tidy sum each month. 

By registering with gig economy platforms discussed here, you will be notified when jobs in your area become available.

Here are some of the most popular platforms worth checking out:

Be Handy with TaskRabbit

If you are a handy sort, TaskRabbit may be the platform for you. 

By clicking on this app you can sign up to get gigs in your local community. These tasks cover everything from cleaning to moving, and general handyman work. 

If you've got spare time and a knack for household chores, you will do well on this platform. 

Simply create an account, register, and attend an online registration process. 

Once registered you pick your rates, confirm a job with your client, and off you go to perform your gig!

According to Peers, "Taskers" on TaskRabbit make an average of $48/hour.

Join the Freelance World on Upwork

For writers, bloggers, copywriters, webmasters, social media experts and more, be sure to head over to Upwork

Registration is free, and from there, you can look through the hundreds of thousands of freelance jobs posted on the site. 

According to Upwork, there are currently over 5 million clients and over 3 million jobs posted annually. 

Be Someone Else's Eyes with WeGoLook

With over 30,000 gig workers that work with WeGoLook, this is a unique platform. 

Simply put, WeGoLook performs custom field verifications and inspections. 

Many times, customers cannot physically get to a location to take stock of items that need inspection. 

This could include a used car, boat, or property someone is buying sight-unseen. WeGoLook is the go-to service for asset verification for consumers buying something remotely.

And it's not just for consumers either; large businesses are tapping into WeGoLook to supplement their field agents, including insurance and financial institutions.

So there's a lot of work for those 30,000 gig workers, or what WeGoLook calls 'Lookers.'

Lookers perform the physical fieldwork required of a verification and report directly within their mobile app critical details; such as photos, answers to questions, videos, and other necessary information. 

As with other gig platforms, Lookers are notified through their mobile app when jobs, or 'Looks,' become available in their area. 

Most Looks earn you between $15-$25 and take less than an hour to complete.  The pay can be more based on the complexity of the project.

Gig Economy Services: Final Thoughts

As you can see, the gig economy is a quick and easy way to supplement your income. 

It's a fast-growing trend that's coming to the future near you.

Anyone with extra time, skillsets, or asset, can become part of this billion dollar industry.

The gig economy gives you a chance to make extra cash doing what you do best. 

You can work from home, or right in your own community. 

Have a favorite coffee shop? Great! That's your new office.

Because there's always a place for extra cash in people's lives, which is why the gig economy is booming.

Hop in!