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Our new partnership with Liquid Motors

We’re pleased to announce a brand-new partnership with Liquid Motors, a provider of internet marketing solutions to the automotive industry and a leader in flexible auto marketing and remarketing services. This new partnership combines Liquid Motors’ auto remarketing solutions with WeGoLook’s on-demand, in-person auto condition inspections and reports. It’s a perfect match!


Access to new products

Liquid Motors customers — including individual consumers, auto dealerships, wholesalers, independent auctions, and more — will be able to order our verified, third-party condition reports that can be completed onsite at any time and in any location across the United States within a matter of hours or days. Through the new partnership and technical integration, customers will be able to connect a Liquid Motors account with an associated WeGoLook account to facilitate seamless ordering and delivery of inspections and condition reports on vehicles.

When an order for a condition report is placed through the Liquid Motors platform, we will immediately dispatch one of our Lookers to visit the vehicle onsite and capture the needed imagery and information.

Robin summed up the partnership this way — “We’re very excited to bring on-demand vehicle inspections to the Liquid Motors platform and to improve efficiencies for auto remarketers everywhere. I know that customers are going to be thrilled not only by the quality and consistency of our vehicle inspections but also with the speed and scale at which we can deliver them.”

Liquid Motors’ CEO, Michael Daseke, concurs — “This is a big win for remarketers and others in the automotive industry,” he says. “Through Liquid Motors and WeGoLook, auto remarketers will have access to a complete suite of industry-leading tools that delivers value in speed, scalability, and cost.”

Well said!

What this means for Lookers

As you might expect, this new partnership between WeGoLook and Liquid Motors will create even more opportunities for our community of Lookers as Liquid Motors customers will now be able to place orders for Looks directly. The Liquid Motors partnership is a key component of our comprehensive strategy to reach the auto and fleet industry and to grow the number of Looks our Lookers complete every day. In fact, this announcement coincides nicely with our presence at Used Car Week next week.

We are working through the final phases of integration with Liquid Motors and expect to launch our integrated solution by early 2018. You can find out more about the new partnership in our recently released press release.