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Looker Spotlight - Introduction

Hi everyone. This is Melissa, Community Marketing Specialist for WeGoLook. Each day, I have the privilege of working with WeGoLook’s amazing community of Lookers. This is a talented group of professionals who make possible all of the great work we do here every day. Since most people don’t have the opportunity to see our Lookers’ great work like I do, I wanted to take a moment to shine a bit of a spotlight on our Lookers.

This post will provide some basic information about our Lookers. In the coming months, I’ll be sharing the stories of individual Lookers as well. Enjoy!


What makes Lookers so extraordinary?

First, Lookers are diverse. Some are moms and dads. Some are career-minded working professionals. And, some are recent college graduates who want to gain real work experience before diving head first into their chosen professions. Among these different types of Lookers are talented, hard-working individuals that make significant contributions to WeGoLook and our ability to gather and validate information for our customers.

Lookers are also unique because they offer many special skills, many of which require classroom training or licensing. Licensed drone pilots, ASE certified mechanics, and notary publics are just a few of the many specialists we have in our Looker community. It’s easy to see how having so many specialized professionals in the Looker community makes it possible for WeGoLook to provide customers with a wide variety of unique services.


How do Lookers change people’s lives?

You might not think of the work Lookers do as “life-changing,” but it really can be just that. Lookers engage with people at some of the most impactful times of their lives. They take photos of damaged vehicles after accidents, inspect properties after major catastrophes and natural disasters,  notarize documents for use in major financial transactions, and much more. These events can be life-changing and Lookers are often there, helping people through these processes. To explore this a little further, let me break it down.


Automobile Inspections

A Looker might take on this type of Look for many reasons. Maybe a young lady just received her driver’s license and her father wants to surprise her with a “gently used” car that happens to be located far from their home. He wants to ensure the vehicle is as represented by the seller. He needs to know that a “minor scratch” is just that and not a huge dent in the driver’s side door. He needs a Looker to take photos and take some notes on the actual condition of the vehicle. This allows him to make an informed decision at this very meaningful life moment.


Property Inspections

Lookers are often asked to verify the conditions of properties and surrounding areas. This Look might be on behalf of a business interested in purchasing the property to open up a new outlet mall. With a Looker there to take photos of the property and document pertinent pieces of information, the business owner can make an informed decision. When it’s a small town in dire need of investment, decisions like this can have major impact.


Document Services

Lookers who are also licensed notaries may accept Looks asking them to verify and notarize documents, often on behalf of banks or financial institutions to secure loans. With Lookers there to verify and notarize the necessary documents, financial institutions can process loan applications more quickly. This rapid turnaround time can be a big help to individuals and businesses at some of their most critical moments.


What’s Next?

As someone who has personal experience interacting with our Lookers, I can tell you that many of them have amazing stories to share. That’s why, in the coming weeks, I’ll be posting some Looker stories here on our blog. Stay tuned for more!