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Introducing YouGoLook

We’re pleased to announce a brand-new addition to the WeGoLook product family. It’s a revolutionary new app that can turn anyone into an inspector. It’s an entirely new business solution that opens a world of possibilities for WeGoLook customers. And, like the rest of its family, it has a fun name. We call it -- YouGoLook.


What is YouGoLook?

When you need something inspected in a location you can’t get to easily, “WeGoLook” for you. It’s what we do. But what if you have customers, employees, or other resources in these locations? These groups and others could gather and validate information for you, if only they had the right tool.

With the YouGoLook self-service app, businesses can leverage the eyes and ears of these groups when deploying a Looker isn’t needed. Homeowners can submit their own claim photos. Employees can audit their own fleets. With our app at your side, the possibilities are truly limitless.

As you might expect, the YouGoLook app can be adapted to most any need. It allows insurance policyholders to submit their own damage photos when filing auto or property claims.  Beyond insurance, it has a wide range of uses including enabling auto owners to submit photos and information needed to secure accurate trade-in values; deploying employees to complete audits of vehicle fleets; validating compliance with corporate policies across widely-distributed organizations; gathering any type of in-house documentation across a distributed enterprise; and more.


Does YouGoLook mean Lookers aren’t needed anymore?

Absolutely not! Our Lookers are the core of our business and always will be. The magic of WeGoLook has always been about combining technology and people. Anyone can build an app, but nobody can beat our Lookers!

Lookers will always be needed to provide services that self-service applications can’t offer. Plus, one of the key advantages of YouGoLook is what we’re calling “assisted self-service,” which we can only offer because we have such an amazing network of Lookers (see more on this below).


What is assisted self-service?

To ensure success for our customers, we’re leaning on the power of our incredible Looker network that’s over 30,000 strong, as well as our central operations team to create what we believe is the world’s first assisted self-service approach. Through this model, we stay engaged every step of the way, ensuring that each Look is completed accurately and on time. If needed, we can even send a Looker to assist in the process. Whatever happens, our clients can rest assured that their data will be captured with no other follow-up or action required from them. With assisted self-service and YouGoLook, we take care of everything.

Robin sums it up best  -- “The success of a self-service application depends on the users’ ability and willingness to complete the tasks assigned. Through our assisted self-service approach, we don’t leave anything to chance. We deploy resources to see each assigned Look through to completion and take all of that work off of our customers’ desks. This ensures success and creates an unmatched customer experience. It also ensures that our customers receive consistent, quality data every time -- and it’s only possible with YouGoLook.”

Well said! We firmly believe that the YouGoLook app complements our existing model, giving companies more choice and giving users an experience not possible through any other provider.


Find out more

You can read more about YouGoLook and our new assisted self-service approach on our Self-Service Looks page and in the YouGoLook press release, issued earlier today. We hope you’re as excited as we are to bring this revolutionary new offering to businesses everywhere.