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Innovative Tools for Property Damage Appraisers

Appraising property damage can be a time-consuming process. And, whether it’s automotive, residential, or commercial damage, there are baked-in inefficiencies that result in unnecessary costs to insurance companies. Those inefficiencies also create frustrated customers.

Fortunately, there are innovative tools for property damage appraisers that help them close claims faster, making customers happier.

Mobile appraisal solutions

One of the most promising innovative solutions for property damage appraisers is a tool for customers to use. It’s a mobile app.

The app allows customers to use their mobile device to take photos of the property damage from wherever they are. They can then start their claim by uploading the photos to instantly request an estimate from an office-based adjuster. There is no need for customers to visit a body shop only to wait days for an estimate.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. offers such an app. Their LM Expedite app is used by more than 800 customers each month and boasts a high claim completion rate. Nearly 90% of customers who started the claims process completed it within the mobile app. This is an indicator of a high level of customer satisfaction.

And, only if the claim can’t be processed based on the photos will an adjuster be dispatched to perform an on-site appraisal. This results in significant cost savings for the insurance company.

Property Damage Appraisers also offers a mobile app they call PDA Xpress. Just like the LM Expedite app, PDA Xpress turns customers’ smart devices into estimating tools. When a customer desires to file a claim, they are sent a link that connects them to the appraisal system. Then the customer takes photos of the damage and submits their photos to the adjuster. Property Damage Appraisers claims that they can complete estimates in just three hours or less.

On-demand damage appraisals

Another innovative tool for property damage appraisers is less of a tool than it is a new way of field adjusting. It involves leveraging the on-demand workforce model. Essentially, the on-demand model blends technology with people to create a workforce that can be called upon, at a moment’s notice, to assist adjusters with the damage appraisal process.

By using the on-demand model, such as the tools offered by WeGoLook, insurance companies have access to a nationwide workforce of vetted and trained information gatherers who can be quickly dispatched to the scene of the damage. These workers function as the adjuster’s eyes by taking notes, photos, and video of the damage.

When necessary, insurance companies can call on individuals who are licensed to fly drones. This allows for an easy way to view assets, such as real estate, by effectively collecting aerial data. The use of cutting-edge imagery analysis is particularly useful when the property is in a dangerous area after a natural disaster has occurred. The use of drones also speeds up the field adjusting process. During Hurricane Harvey, for instance, adjusters without drones could only inspect three homes in a day. However, adjusters with drones could inspect 10 homes in a day.

Because the on-demand workforce is everywhere, all the time, insurance companies can have feet on the ground in a matter of hours, not days. Not only does this speed up the claims cycle, it meets the customers’ expectation of rapid service.

Once the information is collected, the on-demand worker transmits that information to the adjuster sitting at their desk. Then, the desk adjuster completes the claims process.

As the use of the on-demand model spreads, the desk adjuster model will grow with it. Using the desk adjuster model, an adjuster can go from completing a few property claims in a day to a few in an hour.

Adjusting property damage claims from the office offers benefits not only to customers, but also to insurance companies. For customers, the desk adjusting process allows them to have more control over the timeline. Meanwhile, insurance companies benefit from the reduced time and expense required to adjust a claim in the field.

Innovative tools for property damage appraisers

It makes sense to utilize the most innovative tools for property damage appraisers. Whether it’s the use of mobile apps or leveraging a nationwide workforce of on-demand workers, insurance companies can stay a step ahead of their competition by using the most innovative tools for property damage appraisers.

Shaving days off the time it takes to process a claim makes customers happy and more likely to stay with their insurance company. And, only having to send adjusters into the field when absolutely necessary saves insurance companies money.