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Innovative Automotive and Fleet Solutions in an On-Demand Era

In our modern era, it is essential for businesses to accurately monitor, value, and assess their owned assets. Nowhere is this more true than in the auto and fleet industry. Given that there are over 8 million fleet vehicles in the United States, the ability to know where these assets are, and the conditions they are in, is imperative for effective fleet management.

Mistakes in quality assessment can be extremely costly and can lead to major financial setbacks. This is particularly critical given that one-fifth of all fleet vehicles in the United States are involved in an accident each year.

WeGoLook provides innovative automotive and fleet solutions for the on-demand era. Our services are gaining traction in the auto and fleet space by solving key challenges for auto businesses and companies with fleets at a lower price point and more efficiently than existing solutions. Here is a closer look at how WeGoLook is accomplishing this with its professional on-demand workforce of over 40,000 independent contractors known as Lookers.

1. Remarketing

Many consumers now prefer to buy vehicles online than to go to dealerships in person. The proliferation of online vehicle sales is a boon for vehicle remarketing portals. But with so many buyers and sellers, it becomes difficult to standardize accurate data points for vehicle listings.

Lucky for these platforms, WeGoLook offers auto inspection services that are perfect for remarketers. During auto inspections, WeGoLook Lookers capture standardized, professional images, videos and data points that can be leveraged when listing vehicles for sale. No matter where the vehicle is located, WeGoLook can inspect and deliver as quickly as same day. Plus, by leveraging WeGoLook’s remarketing photos, auto sellers are showing the true condition of a vehicle, rather than promoting “glamour shots.” This ensures the buyer is well-informed, creating better customer experiences and fewer complaints after the sale.

2. Fleet management

WeGoLook’s on-demand model also enables more efficient fleet management, especially when fleets are distributed across many locations. Companies with fleets can hire Lookers to inspect any number of vehicles in any location. This is extremely helpful for businesses that have massive fleets spread across many locations. With WeGoLook, complete fleet audits can be accomplished easily and within a matter of days.

3. Transportation company solutions

Due to liability issues, transportation companies often need 3rd party inspections of the vehicles they transport before and after shipments take place. This is to verify that the vehicles have not incurred any damage during their trips.

WeGoLook’s inspection services are ideal for such situations. Over 40,000 WeGoLook Lookers are available to inspect the trucks and the semi’s making the deliveries for damage before and after the shipment is made.

4. Self-service options

If your company would prefer to have your employees capture data on vehicles and inspect them, then this is also an option that WeGoLook provides. The self-service YouGoLook application allows company employees to take pictures of vehicles remotely and submit them through this secure software. This self-service inspection option makes fleet management extremely simple for your employees, and ultimately you.

5. Warranty validation

Through YouGoLook, consumers can easily snap pictures of a vehicle problem that has caused a warranty claim. These photos can be securely uploaded to the warranty company which can then assess them to make sure that the particular claim is legitimate, and that there is an actual need to use the warranty. This process is also beneficial for fraud prevention.

Auto and fleet innovation: Final thoughts

Whether you are managing a fleet or purchasing new and used vehicles for your business, it is wise to capitalize on innovative services to ensure quality, and accurate assessments and management. Companies can benefit tremendously from WeGoLook services by validating purchases, assessing fleet condition, and troubleshooting issues with consumers and employees. All of these innovations have a positive impact on the auto industry as a whole, and your bottom line.