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How WeGoLook “Gig-Started” the B2B Economy

"Having on-demand staff at your disposal and not on your payroll is a highly beneficial business practice in the era of the gig economy." - Robin Smith, Co-Founder, and CEO WeGoLook

It's no mystery why the gig economy is a natural fit to disrupt B2B services across the globe. The gig economy is the entirety of online platforms that allow users to exchange goods and services, like short-term gig jobs, at the swipe of a smartphone.

This new economic trend is composed of familiar players such as Uber and Airbnb, but also includes tasking gig services like TaskRabbit, or custom verification platforms like WeGoLook. Both TaskRabbit and WeGoLook have over 30,000 gig workers respectively at their disposal to dispatch to complete various in-person tasks.

The trend toward gig work is undeniable. As of 2015, over 15 million U.S. workers were classified as 'independent contractors,' a jump of over 1 million since 2014. By 2020, estimates are that more than 40 percent of the U.S. workforce will fall into this category. 

40 percent! Please, let that statistic sink in for a second.

Not only will this change how we view traditional employment, but for businesses it is going to disrupt staffing models and business processes. This is great news, because the gig economy allows companies to save on staffing costs, and improve efficiency at various levels.

It's no wonder Fast Company referred to this trend as "the future work," where on-demand and flexible workforces will change business employment models.

WeGoLook B2B Services: On-Demand Staff

Here at WeGoLook we have over 30,000 field agents ready to dispatch on a moments notice to complete an array of tasks for your business. For instance, many of our enterprise clients require boots-on-the-ground to verify claims made by their clients concerning assets.

Think of a lending institution that requires verification of property or a vehicle. Instead of dispatching a full-time staff, paying travel costs and accommodations, businesses can dispatch an on-demand field agent through WeGoLook to certify that a vehicle or property is legitimate, and as described. For financial lending purposes, this is a powerful tool for businesses.

Yes, many large lending institutions have local offices, but the key here for WeGoLook, and the gig economy generally, is flexibility. Will local offices be able to handle a surge in service demand should a natural disaster occur? Will businesses be prepared for the popularity or launch of a new product?

Having on-demand staff at your disposal and not on your payroll is a highly beneficial business practice in the era of the gig economy.

WeGoLook's nationwide network of over 30,000 independent contractors gives Enterprise clients quick and easy access to a robust work force with diverse skill sets to augment or supplement a carrier's field employees.  In some cases, WeGoLook "Lookers" are the labor force, removing the need for an expensive and salaried field rep utilizing a company fleet vehicle to perform low-complex tasks which can be performed by Looker in a quick and cost-effective manner.  With the advances of technology, redefining work flow processes which include a business model which can be described as "The Uber of Inspections", result in the highly compensated carrier employee to focus on complex claims and customer service.

WeGoLook B2B Services: On-Demand Services

Do you know where ... Gravity, Iowa is? Don't have an office there? Well, we do! We have over 30,000 on-demand field agents across the U.S., including in Gravity, ready to complete an array of tasks for your business.

Our coverage is better than Verizon!

Here is an overview of some of the business-to-business services WeGoLook can offer your enterprise:

- Custom insurance claim compliance solutions

- Accident scene inspections

- Salvage verification

- Document retrievals

- Courier services

- Dynamic data retrieval for real estate transactions

- Real estate transaction verification

- Fleet vehicle inspections - autos, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and heavy equipment

- Auction listing cataloging

And so much more.

We currently work with an array of enterprise clients in the fields of insurance. For instance...

A WeGoLook agent meets the customer at their home or place of business to collect data or perform custom tasks. Tasks include:

  • Underwriting
  • Claims
  • Total Loss
  • Auto Damage Estimates
  • Door hangers
  • Lien release research
  • Police report requests/retrieval
  • Evidence retrieval
  • Drone Footage
  • Mobile Target Technology
  • and other custom requests

WeGoLook B2B Services: How it Works

The benefit of using an established gig economy platform like WeGoLook is that we've perfected the seamless integration with smartphone technology and modern business service platforms.

For instance, WeGoLook provides integration via personalized templates and API order/delivery through SSAE 16 SOC Type II security.

So how does all this work? Our enterprise clients begin by ordering bulk or individual reports for any of the services listed above. Orders can be placed directly online or through custom API models.

When the order is received, a WeGoLook field agent is dispatched on-site to perform the custom tasking. This also includes getting in touch with the contact person, should there be one, to arrange a meeting where necessary.

Once the inspection, verification, or custom task is complete, the report is sent directly from the secure WeGoLook mobile app to our account management team. This amazing group is available seven days-a-week for quality assurance reviews and support.

Clients then receive their reports through any delivery method they wish.

This seamless cycle is powered by the gig economy, and allows our clients to integrate business processes to this new employment model. In the end, it's about increasing your ability to integrate innovative business solutions through flexible employment platforms, like WeGoLook.