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Houston Hero: Looker puts life on hold to help neighbors in need

Jerome Williams is a sales representative and basketball coach from Houston, TX. He’s also a WeGoLook Looker. Although Jerome did not incur any personal losses in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, he followed his heart and set out on a journey to help in any way he could in the aftermath of the storm.

In the days that followed Hurricane Harvey, Jerome took time off work and practice to help out in multiple shelters. He is the kind of man who is willing to do whatever it takes to help others get back on their feet after a catastrophe. He is the kind of man who spent his days after the storm folding laundry so that strangers would not have to go one night without clean clothes or fresh towels.

Although Jerome was busy helping people get back on their feet after the storm, he took some time to help in another way as well when he received a notification that a Look needed completion in his area. When asked why he wanted to complete Looks after the storm, Jerome said: "WeGoLook is helping people get on with their claims... to get on with their lives."

Jerome Williams is a real live Houston hero, and we are proud to call him a WeGoLook Looker. When asked how things are going now, he told us “All the tears are coming to an end, and everyone is just ready to take the next step forward.” So Jerome is doing just that.

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