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Gig Economy is Changing Work for Women

Women must make tough choices when it comes to working and raising a family, but it doesn't have to be that way with companies like WeGoLook.

The dream of some of being a homemaker or stay-at-home mom (both tough jobs, by the way!) sometimes evaporates upon realizing your family "can't afford it."

Simply having to choose between working full-time, or staying at home, comes with an equal amount of uncertainty.

For most women, trading precious time for dollars, choosing whether or not to work, were the only two options.

But now, there's another option. A third option.

In case you haven't heard about a new trend that's catching on like wildfire, it's called the gig economy. And it's changing work for women.

The Gig Economy - Option #3

The gig (or sharing) economy is an environment where goods and services are shared between people and businesses. A sort of mobile freelancing at its finest.

It allows peers to connect directly with one another, where people can offer or seek "gig work." A gig being a one-time or short-term project. 

With the incredible advancement of technology from even 20 years ago, it's easier than ever to connect with one another via a mobile platform.

It's not just connections made via social media, but work ones now too.

Thanks to the rise of the gig economy, freelancers now account for 34 percent of the U.S. workforce. And, many of these are stay-at-home moms.

Flexibility, being one of the major reasons people choose to work as gig workers.

That's just one of the reasons the gig economy is gaining so much steam. 

By taking full advantage of mobile and digital technology, gig workers and employers can connect instantly.

The growing popularity of the gig economy has given rise to mobile platforms that connect workers with buyers. Communities like ours, WeGoLook, and freelancing website Upwork, are but a few examples of this trend.

Here, you can share your skills in virtually (pun intended) any field of expertise to score flexible and paying jobs.

How the Gig Economy Changes the Way Women Work

The beauty of the gig economy is that it finally offers the flexibility and balance today's women crave.

Mobile technology allows women the opportunity to work from anywhere; like from home if that's what you really want.

Because finding work (gigs) is done online, there are many places you can connect with potential employers. 

By checking job boards, social media, joining freelance sites, or setting up a website, you'll be in business faster than you think. 

The technology out there today lets any woman continue building her career, but with more flexibility this time.

Technology Is All Our Friend!

Before you raise your hand to proclaim your fear of technology, please listen up. Technology, once again, saves the day. 

There are thousands of online tutorials, YouTube videos, and tons of resources to help women everywhere get started in the gig economy.

And, we're not bragging or anything, but VICE proclaimed in 2016 that "it turns out that women might be better at freelance work than men."

Just sayin'.

Even Working Women

Even for those women with high-level corporate careers, the gig economy is becoming a more appealing working option. 

Consider that 43% of executive-level women are leaving their full-time jobs, according to the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. Many of these women are leaving their posts to seek the flexibility the gig economy offers them.

Many are also using the gig economy to earn supplemental income while maintaining a full-time job. Double dipping, nice!

Harvard University reports that within the last ten years, more women than men have jumped into the gig economy.

Clearly, the allure of the gig economy is a shot at a life with more balance and control.

No more asking the boss for a day off to attend your kid's school event. Who wants to keep taking sick days during flu season? 

Businesses Understand The Benefits Too

As this new work option grows bigger and more popular, businesses are beginning to understand the benefits of the gig economy, too.

It saves them money paid out in full-time salaries, benefits, office space, and staffing. 

It saves them both time and money by recruiting only the most talented gig workers for their projects. 

Many startups are fully engaged in the gig economy, because it offers them top talent at bootstrapping prices. 

It's only a matter of time before the larger companies realize this is more than a trend…it's the way business will be done in the future.

How Women Can be Part of the Gig Economy

According to this article by Robin Smith, CEO of WeGoLook, there are a lot of opportunities in the gig economy for women, particularly in technology.

This affords women a real chance at starting and being a part of tech-based businesses.

It's also entirely possible to continue working in your niche while working from home by seeking out employers in your field.

First, you need to decide what your niche is.

  • Are you a good writer, assistant, or researcher? Find jobs on Upwork.
  • Do you like graphic design? Try 99Designs.
  • Can you rent out your basement apartment? Check out Airbnb.
  • Are you on the road a lot? Try Uber or WeGoLook.
  • Are you a good teacher? Become a tutor on Wyzant, or teach a course on Udemy.

The list goes on, and on!

From accounting projects to virtual assistant work, the possibilities and benefits are truly endless.

The Gig Economy - So What's Holding You Back?

Not up-to-speed on all the latest technology? Don't know what all those "techy" terms really mean? 

Didn't know what Twitter was until your 13-year-old sat you down for a "talk"? Ya, been there!

Don't let that hold you back! Get out there and try stuff. 

Commit to choosing one of the above gig work suggestions and try it out. Seriously, schedule 3 hours tomorrow get started on your gig journey.

We promise, you won't be disappointed.

With the digital and mobile technology available these days, it's more than possible to earn a sustainable income while achieving more time for you in your life.

There's room for both in the gig economy. Ladies, it can be a win-win!