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Get On-Demand Car Inspections Now With WeGoLook 

Buying a new or used car can be an exciting, and stressful, experience. Understandably so, this one of the largest and most expensive purchases people make outside of their homes.

Think of all the checks and balances that come with buying a home: mortgage application, home inspection, realtor paperwork, insurance, and the list goes on.

There is one simple reason for this due diligence: consumer protection. Similarly, when purchasing a vehicle, you need to ensure that you're protected. This is why car inspections are so important, but are a protective measure that many consumers don't take.

Instead, many people rely on the word of the seller or dealership that all is as advertised. This is a mistake, and here's why. 

Car Inspections: An Introduction

In the U.S., over 7 million cars are purchased every year. Many of these are new cars, or cars with pre-existing warranty's, but many are not. 

Obtaining car inspections from a qualified third-party before you purchase your next vehicle could save you a lot of money, and potential future headaches. Car inspections are so important in fact, that some state legislators are considering mandating them under certain conditions and intervals.

Car inspections can uncover safety and damage issues that are not readily apparent to the average car shopper. Think of it as a small insurance policy on your purchase. By small, we really mean small. At WeGoLook, it can cost you as little as $99 for a basic condition inspection. But more on this later.

Safety issues that are routinely turned up by independent car inspections are usually not visible to the consumer. Your test drive may reveal unusual noises or handling problems. You may easily spot body damage. These obvious defects will be addressed by the dealership. Other defects, perhaps more subtle, may be seen as something that can wait, as normal wear and tear. They won't be mentioned on the dealer's inspection report.

How do you know that you're not buying a car that is on the verge of needing to be fixed? How do you know that your new car isn't going to strand you somewhere, making you pay for a tow truck, a rental car, and a mechanic to fix it? Who's going to shuttle the kids around? As you know, mechanical problems can turn into safety issues.

Car Inspections: What the Dealer Offers

Your car dealer may offer to show you a vehicle inspection report. At times, this is a sales tactic. It's designed to make you feel as though you don't need an independent car inspection. It gives you a bit of validation that you're making a smart purchase.

The report shown to you by a dealer will not be an in-depth condition or mechanical inspection regardless of how many points it says were checked. A third-party inspection will give you a piece of mind that you are entering into a fair and safe transaction.

Think about it, would you take a home inspection developed by the person selling the home to you? No, you would spend the few hundred bucks and get your own. Thankfully, car inspections are much more reasonable and easier to obtain.

Many dealers now offer vehicle history reports that are supposed to tell a car's entire life story. They may show events like routine maintenance, accidents, or theft. These reports, however, can be inaccurate. Different states have varying reporting laws that can result in incidents not showing up on a history report.

Drivers sometimes decide not to call the police or the insurance company after an accident. Even if they're accurate, these reports can't tell you if a car is safe to drive right now, or if it's developing a mechanical problem. Third-party car inspections are the only way to ensure that you know what condition the car is in at the time of purchase. Unless you are a rockstar mechanic!

So how easy is it to get car inspections? A few smartphone swipes and you've got it!

Car Inspections: On-Demand

It's not difficult to find a mechanic who's qualified to perform car inspections. But this involves scouring websites, asking friends, and much back-and-forth. There's a much easier way.

With the boom in digital technology and the rise of smartphones, you can now order a vehicle inspection from a qualified asset verification specialist with just a few clicks.

Here at WeGoLook, we have some fantastic vehicle inspection products designed to give you, the consumer, piece of mind. 

For car inspections, WeGoLook offers both premium and advanced inspections.

A premium inspection can be purchased for only $99, and provides you with the following information:

  • 40 Photos
  • VIN Verification
  • Make/Model Verification
  • Odometer Reading
  • Note Major Visible Damage

When purchasing a vehicle that is out of state or at a distance, a condition report can be your eyes and ears on the ground before making a purchasing decision.

For the advanced report, you not only get condition reporting, but mechanical as well. This service includes the following information about your car:

  • 48+ Photos
  • Paint/Bodywork
  • Collision Damage
  • Engine/Transmission/Mechanicals
  • Interior Condition
  • Electronics/On Board Diagnostic check
  • A Test Drive

Check out a sample auto inspection report. Consider WeGoLook car inspections as your insurance policy. If you end up not buying the car, there was a good reason for it and it was money well spent on an inspection. Once you do purchase your vehicle and obtain a third-party inspection, you can sleep well at night knowing you weren't sold a lemon or manipulated by salespeople.

Car Inspections: Purchasing from a Distance

With the advent of Internet, many people are leveraging services like eBay to make vehicle purchases. The need for third-party car inspections becomes even more pronounced when purchasing at a distance. 

To avoid seller misrepresentation and fraudulent listings, WeGoLook offers the above services to protect consumers. And, major players in this space are taking notice.

For instance, WeGoLook recently partnered with eBay to provide asset verification services to buyers purchasing vehicles sight-unseen.

Alternatively, many of our customers will use WeGoLook car inspections to act as their boots-on-the-ground before taking time to travel to view a vehicle. Why travel all that distance and waste your time if the vehicle isn't what you'd hoped it was? For as little as $99, you can ensure you aren't wasting your time when buying a vehicle.

Car Inspections: A Summary

Purchasing a new vehicle is hard enough without wondering if it's safe for you and your family, and your wallet. Independent car inspections are a great way to help avoid all of these issues.

Car inspections may be the last thing you want to think about when you're starring at your next sweet ride, but remember that thousands of your hard earned dollars are at stake. Consider an on-demand inspection with WeGoLook.

If you take a moment to think about the important role your car plays in your life, it becomes clear that car inspections are well worth it.