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Finding Top Talent in the Gig Economy

Whenever the gig economy is mentioned, service apps like Uber or Airbnb come to mind. However, the gig economy has so much more to offer than rideshares and personal deliveries. 

Especially in the business world! The gig economy can be an incredible opportunity for enterprises across the world -- and many a tapping into this.

At WeGoLook we see this first-hand, with thousands of gig workers electing to partner with us for professional part-time gigs.

Indeed, entrepreneurial minds are seeing the potential of the internet. Instead of dedicating their skills to a company, they’d rather the fruits of their labor be their fruits entirely.

Writers, programmers, graphic designers, notaries, and even administrative assistants are increasingly choosing to offer their services on a freelance basis. As of October 2016, there were 55 million American professional freelancers.

That is a fact business owners cannot ignore.


A Positive Trend for Companies

A dedicated workforce has been an increasingly rare thing to come by. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average employee stays with a company for about four years.

Business owners are now offering fewer benefits, which means employees are less inclined to stay with one company for long. This means that it's increasingly harder for business owners to offer long-term benefits like insurance, vacation, and 401K’s.

The freelancing trend creates a reciprocal relationship that offers the benefits for both employer and employee alike. The freelancer has the pride of owning their work, while the company stands to save tens of thousands of dollars in annual salaries and benefits.

Instead of keeping a programmer on payroll to keep your website updated, or divvying up blog articles and newsletters between assistants, it stands to reason that it is much cheaper to invoice someone trained and fully focused simply for services rendered.

Hiring full-time can be a demanding endeavor. Reviewing a resume, interviewing a dozen candidates, checking references, are all very time-consuming and expensive. Also, this only provides a superficial impression of someone’s potential.

As an alternative, investing in a few gigs from freelancers will give you a better idea of someone’s product and work ethic.

And businesses are wising up to this fact.


The Decreasing Need For An Office

The internet is showing us that many workforce realities are slowly becoming obsolete. People are trading in the office for a coffee shop, or a home office. With a treadmill desk of course!

The whole point of an office is to store records, action planning, and a contact location for customers. But thanks to cell phones, Skype, and programs like Dropbox and Trello, most administrative duties can be taken care of on the go.

Almost all trending signs point to a working world sans traditional workers. In this digital era, the gig economy is decreasing the need for the traditional 9 to 5 and replacing it with gig workers and deadlines.

Payroll will be replaced with higher budget expense lines. And the responsibility for insurance and retirement will lie on the freelancers’ shoulders.


Where Can I Find Amazing Gig Workers?

The heart of the gig economy are the digital gig platforms like WeGoLook. We have access to over 30,000 gig workers who can be dispatched at a moment's notice to conduct a variety of asset verification tasks like property inspections, auto verifications, notarizing documents, delivery of important documents, fleet and heavy equipment inspections, and so much more.

Services like WeGoLook are the connectors for the consumer and the provider, or in this case the gig worker to the employer.

Like the service gig apps, there are freelance websites for any employer or anybody to get in contact with entrepreneurial writers, designers, translators, gain boots-on-the-ground, programmers, and so much more.

Websites like UpworkCatalant, and Toptal have thousands of gig workers just waiting to work for your business.

The work world is streamlining, and employers can stand to save themselves a lot of money. With proper research, and plugging in the right gig workers, the gig economy will transform your company’s infrastructure and supply chain.